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September Favourites

By 3:07 PM

Hey Everyone and welcome to my September Favourites! This post is coming to you on a rather wet and miserable day. The phrase of today seems to be "It was the wrong day to wear suede shoes". Most defiantly. anyway, let's talk September.

This months favourites is definatly a mixed bag. As well as beauty and a fashion item, I've also thrown in a couple of other bits I've been enjoying this month. I will apologies in advanced, my camera skills are shocking!

Let's start with the nail item's because there my favourite! The first nail varnish I have loved this month is the new Model's Own Mirrorball Collection in Boogie Nights. This little bugger is packed with lots of different shaped glitters. I thought it would be really hard to work with, but it went on really well, not too much clear base, which was good. If possible, I think it got shinner the longer I wore it. I don't know if that is possible, but there you go. The second is OPI Call Me Gwen-Ever from their Spider-Man Collection. I am not a fan of red nail varnish at all, but I think I'm starting to love coral toned reds, all thanks to this little beauty! I got this dirt cheap on ebay, with another two from the collection, so make sure to look on their. I am currently lusting after one in the new Skyfall Collection, so don't be suprised if it's here next month!

Next up is the MUA Eyeshadow Palette in Heaven and Earth. This kepted cropping up on a couple of blogs that I visit, so I went out and got myself one, and now I can't put the thing down. It is really versatile and I don't think I have created the same look twice with it. Good payoff and for £4 it is a steal. I got this in Superdrug, but if you click the link above, it is on offer at £3 on the MUA website.

After seeing BB Cream literally everywhere, I decided to cave and try one. I picked up the Garnier BB Dream Miracle Skin Perfector in Light and I'm pretty pleased with it. I have been using it daily instead of a foundation, as I don't need heavy coverage for work and it feels really light on my skin. It is far far to shiny on it's own, so I use loose powder over it, but I like that it covers while still allowing my natural skin to show through. I am a huge huge huge fan of Neutogena, so when they stopped doing the make-up remover I like, I picked up a load of their Multi Defence Gentle Purifying Wipes really cheap in Morrisons. I have really liked these, as they get rid of everything, but they don't sting and don't leave behind any residue.They are £3.99 normally, so I am going to look for an alternative.

I am in love with the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer and I only bought it today! Again, another recommendation from some blogs I read and well worth the money. This ELF Total Face Brush has been a lifesaver this month, with my need for loose powder increasing. It is so soft and really works the powder in well. Such a steal at £1.50. I had to get a replacement brown eye liner as the one I used from Miss Sporty did not work at all on my waterline, it literally didn't show up. I got a black Model Own Kohl Liner free when I got my first order from there website, so I decided to get for their Models Own Kohl Eyeliner in Chestnut. You should so stick with what you know, because this is perfect and really payoff quite well. I love the little smudge brush you get on the other end also.

Here is my fashion item, which I have been showing the items on today. This is a Tokyo Doll dress which I got in New Look. I think that New Look is on a roll at the moment, they have some amazing clothes, especially their branded clothing, I really like the Cameo Rose clothes too. This was £27.99 and I love the black sheer material over the sequins, it just makes it sparkle but subtly. 


Here are a few non beauty and fashion items, but still a favourite from this month. First off, although I forgot to take a picture of it by itself, I cannot put down the Kobo Lilac eReader I got for my birthday. It's perfect and it stops my Dad moaning about all my books! Also, the battery life on it is insane, I haven't charged it since I first did. I got The Civil Wars album at the beginning of September, after liking the track they did with Taylor Swift (don't be suprised if here new album is on my October favourites). It such an easy listening album, while being really beautiful. I went a bit DVD crazy on the Sainsbury's DVD website. I only went on to buy The Hunger Games and then I ended up pre-ordering the Avengers and buying several other dvds. So, due to my new work hours, their backing up. But the Avengers and Hunger Games are the favs. I'm so ticked off that I cut off Thor's head, he's my favourite!

So, those are my Septmeber favourites, I hope you enjoyed them. Leave me a comment if any of these are your September favourites, or if you have any other September favourite recommendations.

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