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Amazing Skyfall Offer!!!!

By 7:03 PM ,

Thanks to the OPI UK Twitter feed, I got an amazing offer on the James Bond Skyfall Collection through QVC:

Before I tell you what I played, let's do the breakdown:

1 x You Only Live Twice Nail Colour (15ml)  RRP £11
1 x The Living Daylights Nail Colour (15ml) RRP £11
1 x Casino Royal Nail Colour (15ml)  RRP £11
1 x On Her Majesty's Secret Service Nail Colour (15ml) RRP £11
1 x Original Nail Envy (15ml) RRP £18.55
1 x Drip Dry Drying Drops (9ml) RRP £13.45
1 x Avoplex To Go Pen Replenish (7.5ml) £9.60

The total RRP price is £85.60. If I could in my wildest dreams afford to spend that on OPI, I would love. Here is what I paid:


Seriously, plus £3.95 pandp. Get it now at QVC.

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