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Dream Wardrobe

By 4:47 PM ,

I think it really all says it in the title. Dream Wardrobe are post featuring items I would love to own. For the most of it, I don't often end up owning the items (considering the cost!!), but there are some special times, when I do get to own the outifts!!!!

New Look Dream Wardrobe

This months Dream Wardrobe features items that all come from New Look. I don't know if it's because New Look is the biggest clothing store in my hometown, but at the moment, I think New Look are on fire with their clothing!!! As well as having great clothes in their store, they also have a more extensive catalogue of items online!!! Although that in my household is lethal!!!!

The first item is Tokyo Doll Blue Sequin Dip Hem Dress (£27.99). This may look familiar if you read my September Favourites because I own it in Black! As soon as I saw this one online yesterday, I was all OMG! I do think I prefer personally the Black, but the blue one is gorgeous too, more a Summer colour. I think it would look stunning in Red too!

Next up are Boots!!! I am obsessed with Boots and that is why I couldn't choose just one pair. The top pair are a Black Studded Two Tone Ankle Boot (£64.99). I love the mix of embellishment on these, I am a sucker for embellishments. The second pair are Blink Black Studded Cowboy Boots (£64.99). I love a good pair of cowboy boots, and considering the last pair I got from Internacionale are now refereed too as the "Death" boots, due to them killing my feet, I think these look so much more comfy. And very pretty!

As it's coming up to the winter, it's time to bring out the scarfs. It's not quite cool enough for a bit chunky knit scarf, so this Cream Moustache Print Lightweight Snood (£6.99), is a fun scarf for now. I don't know where the Moustache print came from, but I think this is super cute and fun. I love a good cardigan, and I do have one similar to this already, but the Aztec print is a keeper! This one is by a favourite line of mine, Cameo Rose Wine and Cream Aztec Cardigan (£19.99).

Another print you see everywhere is Owl's and I funnily enough do know where this started. Most Owl print tops are quite girly and pretty, but I just love the edge that this one has. This Cameo Rose Black Owl Stud T-shirt, is a steal at £12.99 and the shoulders just sold it for me, I could do some damage with those lol!

Finally, no look could be complete without a nice new bag. I really like Mischa Barton handbags and I actually own one, but I didn't pay near the asking price and got it in TKMaxx. I love this Albright Bowler Bag, because it's the perfect shape, the woven panel breaks up the black nicely and the handle is so decorative. It is pricey at £68.99, but sale sale sale lol!

What's on your Dream Wardrobe list? Let me know in the comments.

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