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Foundation Testers: Clarins and Estee Lauder

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In my magazines this month, I got two free samples of foundation. First was Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay In Place Make-up Foundation in I believe the shade Cashew 93. the second was Clarins Skin Illusion Natural Radiance Foundation in 109 Wheat.

My normal foundation is Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation in Light Porcelain. I was annoyed when Maybelline stopped doing the foundation I used, but this is super, nice coverage, but it doesn't look cakey and it's nice and light, which I like.

Top: Maybelline, Middle: Estee Lauder, Bottom: Clarins

As you can see, both of these foundations are darker than my ordinary one. I would have swatched on my face, but I have a case of lurgy on my chin at the moment, so I'll save you the trauma. The Estee Lauder in far too tan toned, will the Clarins is closer, but still too dark. I always find that samples are far too tan toned for me, am I just unusually paler than most? I don't know.

Top: Maybelline, Middle: Estee Lauder, Bottom: Clarins

Both do have a good coverage, more do than my regular Maybelline one, but I like that it's lightweight, it's lets my natural skin tone shine through, I don't want it to completely canvas my face. What I found most overpowering was the scent of the Clarins one, it really smells. I can smell it now when I'm typing and my face is no where near the screen. The Estee Lauder one has a smell to, but it's quite fresh. I have never really noticed the smell of foundation with my Maybelline one, but I'll just give it a quick sniff (that sounds wrong!). I really can't smell anything off it and I did stick it right up close to my nose.

For me, the Maybelline one is better and a lot cheaper:

Maybelline: £7.99 for About 30ml (it's rubbed off the bottle) @ Superdrugs.
Clarins: £24.99 for N/A @ Debenhams.
Estee Lauder: $27.50 for N/A @ Debenhams.

Have you tried either of the foundations mentioned? Let me know you thoughts in comments.

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