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Lauren Conrad Beauty Review

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I am a huge fan of Lauren Conrad and particularly her sites, LaurenConrad.Com and TheBeautyDepartment.Com. So when I heard that her new book was coming out soon, I pre-ordered it!

Having first got Lauren Conrad Style, I was very excited about her new Beauty volume, considering how well put together her beauty site The beauty Department is and also by the make-up chapter in the style book!

I am really glad that I got Beauty, as it is a fantastic book. It starts with discussing the basics of healthy skin and healthy hair and what we do to look after our bodies and what we put into them. I was really interested that in the chapters, Lauren tells you about some of the unhealthy ingredients in products, that you don't think it look for, particularly Formaldehyde, which I noticed was in my OPI Nail Envy, so it does make you think about the products. 

The next chapters, are the fun chapters, funnily enough titled Play! The first chapter in this section gives you the basic of applying make-up, which even after a few years of wearing it, still makes me understand that I need to learn! The next two chapters are Everyday Make-up and Party Make-up. As well as showing you the Lauren look, the chapter also gives you some quicker looks to achieve, which is perfect for me as I don't have a lot of time in the morning. Then there is Everyday Hair and Party Hair, two more great chapter, which with my boring old hair, has given me some great food for thought.

There is a good, but quick section on nails, including basic care and some fun manicures. Finally, there is a look at beauty through the ages, with some great looks and pictures.

The good thing about the book, is that Lauren never tells you what products she uses, as you could half imagine it would seem like a constant advertisement  This means you can utilize what your have, rather than having to go out and buy a whole range of things. And while in some pictures it is obvious what brand the products are, particular y in the nail section, I certainly don't feel any need to go and buy them.

Overall, this is a fantastic book for anyone interested in Beauty, and while it is a how to guide, it never seems like a lesson or chore, it just seems fun, which I can imagine is what Lauren wanted it to be.

You can buy the book now, through any good book retailer.

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