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November's Marie Claire Goodies

By 6:27 PM

I've never read Marie Claire before, but after seeing that Taylor Swift was going to be their cover girl for the November 2012 issue, I knew I had to get it. Regardless of what came free, and at the time I didn't know that anything did, I was going to have it, being a mahoosive Taylor Swift fan (my copy of Red (deluxe naturally!) is already on pre-order). However, it was rather a lovely surprise to see two free gifts with the issue.

The first, which didn't grab me too much, because I don't have coloured hair, was a generous size sample of Dove Hair Therapy Colour Radiance Conditioner. I might still give it a go though, as it smells fantastic!

The second, was a 30ml sized tube of L'Occitane Hand Cream in Rose Petal. They did have a mango one, but it looked really squished in the magazine, so I got this one. Having looked on Feel Unique, it actually costs £7, this isn't just a sample, it's an actual sized product. It smells really nice and reminds me off a lipbalm I use to use when I was little. It dries really quickly too, I hate hand creams where you feel like no matter how much you try and rub it in, it just doesn't disappear. I'm gonna pop this in my handbag.

Just a note, I didn't think much of the interview they did with Taylor, I think a few of the "facts" were wrong (I could be wrong too!), but the photoshoot, especially the cover image, were beautiful. The magazine has only just come out today, so go grab it.

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