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Comparison: OPI and Revlon

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Hey everyone! Sorry for my lack of posts over the past few weeks, I've been very busy with work!

Today I have a comparison of two nail varnishes. One by OPI and one by Revlon.

One of my all time favourite nails varnishes is OPI Gone Gonzo! from their Muppet Collection. I have always loved Gonzo and I have a Muppet Baby Gonzo sat on my printer, which I found out last year was actually as old as me! This varnish is so blue and sparkly and actually, after three coats on it's own, it's pretty much opaque. It's really one of the only varnishes I have, that when I go to paint my nails, I instantly reach for it.

Now, as far as I can tell, this collection is no longer readily available, unless you go on ebay and still it's hard to get - I really wished I'd stocked up. So I went looking for an alternative. I did a bit of searching on the internet, but then I saw an advert for Revlon in a magazine and instantly spotted this.

I've never had a Revlon polish before, but they have really pretty bottles and instantly, to me, this looked a pretty good second to my OPI one. This particular one is called 441 Radiant.

(Revlon Left / OPI Right)

So the comparison. There is one big very noticeable difference in the two, in that as well as silver glitter circles, the Revlon one also has green glitter circles. However, apart from that, I would say these two are near on a perfect match for each other. The Revlon one is only 0.3ml smaller in size and is cheaper. I got my OPI off ebay, so I did pay a slight bit cheaper than RRP, but still more than the Revlon, which £6.49 in Boots.

I really hope that Revlon continue to sell this colour, as it will really be a God send once my OPI Gone Gonzo finally makes it way to Empty Bottle Heaven!.

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