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Nicole By OPI Haul

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If you follow OPINAILS on twitter, you'll know that they have been tweeting a buttload about the sale at LenaWhite. Naturally, I tried my damned hardest to resist, but once I saw the free shipping flashing at me like the Blackpool Illuminations, I caved!

I got 4 Nicole By OPI colours. I discovered these when they did a range for the TV show Gossip Girl, and have since got some more through BrandAlley and my friend when she went to America. They use to be really hard to get in the UK, but now they do them at LenaWhite and also Asos, which I'm really glad about.

Each varnish was only £4.95, which for a 15ml bottle, is really really good! I do like the shape of the Nicole bottles, because they site flat and also, you can hold them in your hand easily. They don't store so well, because of their odd shape, but really, when their this pretty, it's really just a technicality.

I picked up three from the Kardashian Kolor range and another from the basic Nicole range.

From Left: Shoot For The Maroon, Nothing Kim-Pares To You, Kendall On The Katwalk, Follow Me On Glitter.

Shoot For The Maroon, really tells it like it is. It is a Maroon with gold shimmer running through it. It looks really deep in the bottle, but it goes on a little lighter. It wasn't totally opaque after three coats, but I might have put another coat on while it was drying and messed it up!

Doing a quick comparison, there are similarities with two other polishes I own, but their not exact (1 - Shoot For The Maroon, 2 - Accessorize Pink Spice, 3 - Models Own BettleJuice Pinky Brown).

Kendall On The Katwalk is a blue base with a lot of purple, light green and turquoise shimmer! This one is a lot more gorgeous in real life, I'm really glad I chose it! It's totally opaque after three coats, you might get away with two.

The only other comparison I could find in my collection was actually another Nicole polishes, which is Me + Blue, but there is a big difference in the shimmer, but very similar base and finish. (Kendall on the Katwalk - Left, Me + Blue - Right).

Next is Follow Me On Glitter, a grey base with silver shimmer and also some chunkier multi-coloured glitter (naturally). Again, so much more interesting in real life, it's so pretty just to stare at lol!

Again, just the one comparison, this time with ELF Metal Madness. Very similar basis, but the ELF polish is a slightly more blue toned grey (is that possible!) and it doesn't have the bigger chunks of glitter. Plus, the formula on that is terrible! (ELF Metal Madness - Left, Follow Me On Glitter - Right).

And finally - Nothing Kim-Pares to You. This is kind of the odd one out for me, because it's very subtle, but I really loved the baby blue shade of this polish. It has a very subtle shimmer running through it, that almost makes it look frosty - perfect for winter.

No comparison this time - I don't have anything like this. It does look opaque in the picture, but on the nail, I can still see the writing on the nail back, so it would either be more than three coats or layered on another blue.

Overall, I am really happy with the colours I chose, I can't wait to try them on my real nails. Just a quick note on the service - Lena White stated that their might be a delay in receiving the order, because of the high volume of orders they were getting. However, I placed my on the Wednesday and recieved it the Friday, which is extremly good, considering it was free postage too, I would recommend them to anyone.

Have you used any of the shades above or other Nicole products - let me know in comments!

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