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November Favourites!!

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Not many favourites for this month sadly, but all very very nice!

First off, is a lovely item from Models Own. After becoming annoyed using my fingers to apply my foundation, I decided it was about time I went and bought some more sponges. I loved the egg shaped ones I've seen out and about, so I picked up the Models Own Make-up Blending Sponges from Boots. And so far, it's love lol! There tough, not like flimsy pound bag sponges and easy to hold. They apply the foundation well and I like the pointy end for concealer. I used them damp, but I think it might be better dry, unless anyone can give me a reason for why they have to be damp for liquid make-up. You get two for £8 too!

Next up is the Maybelline Fit Me Pressed Powder in 120. After all the fuss I made over the foundation, I actually like the powder. It's nicely light weight, and nice for getting rid of shine. I use a powder brush, rather than the compact sponge, but I do think, considering the dark tone of the foundation, this is very light in tone. I finally got the sample I sent off for ages ok, so I'll show you it against my skin later. But as it was half price when I bought the foundation, I'm getting good value for money.

Next up is the first of my three nail items. I got this Essie Fill The Gap! for only £3 in The Factory Shop and I am loving it! It is superb for a base coat, it really makes your nails nice and flat, covering ridges and it dries fast! Not sold on the preventing breakage and brittleness, but don't think I've been using it long enough to see a difference yet.

Next is one from my Lena White Haul! Kendall On The Katwalk. I don't think I appreciated just what nice a colour this nail polish is. I put on two coats watching a movie the other day and the literally, it distracted me from watching the movie, cause I couldn't stop looking at it. Up there with my alltime favourite varnish, Gone Gonzo! funnily enough blue too! It is only £4.95 in the Lena White sale, and don't quote me, I think they might have an extra 10% code on the OPI Nails twitter, so check that out!

Finally, two Revlon products. These are going together because I got a fantastic offer on these in Boots. I was their buying some Kissable Lip Balm Stains for my friend for Christmas and saw everything was on three for two, so I got myself my first Lip Butter. I got the shade Creme Brulee and I think, even after only a few days, it might be my fav product ever, I just love the name Lip Butter lol! It's a nice pale peach tone, quite neutral to what it looks in the packaging, a perfect day to day product. While I got this offer, they also had a free polish when you bought 3 products, a lovely little number called Sequins! This is more of a layering glitter varnish, but I can see it working perfectly with Christmas shades and it's just so pretty to look at!

There are my faves, let me know if you have any of these or if you have any recommendations for next month for me!

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