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Essence Nail Haul!!

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Hello everyone! First off, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. Second, no December favourites this month, as literally my only three favourites are Mr's Lemsip, Beechams and Halls! Can you tell I've had a cold lol!

Anyway, on a rather lovely brighter note, I have a rather fantastic friend in Germany (Hey P!), and for Christmas she sent me not one, but 7 Essence nail varnishes!!! This cheered me right up, because as you know, it is really really hard to get Essence outside of Europe, so I feel very blessed! So let's get started (please excuse my rather wonky photo taking, I believe I was merry off Lemsip lol!).

First off, don't you just love the bottles that they come in. I know they were revamped, as I have a couple of the older shaped bottles to, and these are just so much more lovely. There easy to grip and I especially like how the cap is the same colour as the varnish right down to the glitter! The first three are 112 Time For Romance, 135 I'm Bluetiful and 120 Cookie Love (swatched off all are at the end).

Time for Romance is a rather gorgeous dark pink glitter packed shade. I thought this might have a really runny base, but actually, after 2 coats, it nearly covered completely. It's not too gritty and the base actually have a pink tone, so it helps with coverage. I'm Bluetiful is a lovely dusky blue with fleck of silver glitter through it. Quite a unique shade as usually the blue is lighter and less heavy on the glitter flecks. Covers in two and has a nice smooth finish. Cookie Love is quite an edible shade lol, the colour totally reminds me of biscuit dough! It is a golden beige with flecks of gold glitter through it, but not heavily. This was three coats, as it's slightly thinner, but a beautiful shade.

Next are 3 plainer shades:

From left: 110 Modern Romance, 128 Let's Get Lost, 108 Ultimate Pink. Modern Romance is a creamy peach shade with a pink shimmer running through it. It is a very faint shimmer and it's defiantly a 3 coat formula. I don't know if it's going to matchy with my skin tone, but I could certainly use it as a layer polish. Let's Get Lost is a fantastic turquoise shade! This is very smooth and covers in two. Finally Ultimate Pink really says it all! I'm not a pink person usually but this I can see working nicely in some nails art with Let's Get Lost. Again, smooth and two coats.

Finally, we have one from their newest range, Fantasia, called Queen Of My Cloud Castle. This is a very vibrant coral, with pink shimmer running throughout. Very very vibrant and I think it was just two coats. The bottle isn't as exciting as the others, but they can be forgiven for an add on range.

Excuse the blue glitter (more on that later!). Top Row: Queen Of My Cloud Castle, Time For Romance, Modern Romance, Let's Get Lost. Bottom Row: Ultimate Pink, I'm Bluetiful, Cookie Love.

Overall, I am super excited with my gorgeous Essence haul, via my friend Pasca! I can't wait to try them all. Have you had any Essence polishes, let me know what you think!

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