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I Heart Boots!

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Boots and more Boots!

I love boots! It's kind of common knowledge that if there are any boots in a store, I will beeline for them! So today, when I went out shopping, I beelined for the boots, althought for this time I had a purpose.

I've been pretty much wearing the same pair of boots for work for about a year now and why not, they are so damn comfy. They were a leather pair that I got from New Look in the sales one Christmas for £30, half price, and they have last me well, but they are starting to hurt my feet.

I had other pairs of boots, but they are not really fitting for work! For starters, one has spike studs down the heel and the others, well, do you remember this dream wardrobe post. Well, I ended up getting the Blink black cowgirl boots and I got them half price at £34 I think, but they are again a bit too fancy for work. Well mulling around Asda, I spotted these and I knew I just had to have them.

Ever since I saw Frye boots a few years back, I have always wanted a pair, but I can't justify the £150+ for them, even though they look like a good investment. I prefer the engineer (1) and the Veronica (2) ones, so when I spotted these Biker Buckle Trim Boots (3) in Asda, I snapped them up. They have a very similar look to the Frye boots, but a very reduced cost at only £18. There not leather and they probably won't last as long as a Frye pair would, but how could I go wrong. The only thing that did annoy me was that when I went to put them on, the top bit, which is a soft leather effect material, did pull apart slightly at the seem. But I just got my needle and thread out and sewed it back up!

What do you think of these boots? Are you a Frye fan? Let me know in comments.

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