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Lush Haul!

By 7:03 PM

I have some more Christmas beauty bits to do, but before that, I went to Lush today!

I have never been a Lush person, mostly because there was never a Lush near me. That's until a genius decided to put one in my city center! I got some Lush goodies for xmas, so I decided to take a little trip there myself today.

I got to say, apart from one guy I met in Asda once, Lush employees seem to be the happiest employees in the world. Tell me that's true. Anyway, first off, I love the bag that the product traveled in. Is it sad that I loved that bag!

The first thing I picked up was "Let The Good Times Roll" Facial Cleanser. I don't know if there is something up with the products I usually use, but I have been getting a lot of, well not spots, but lumps around my chin and neck, so I thought I might see if it's my cleanser, cause I've used the same one for ages.

It's described as a gentle treat that leaves the skin soft to a touch, with a buttery caramel, popcorn fragrance. It so smells like that, it actually smells really familiar to something I've eaten, but I can't place it. You can totally see bits of popcorn through it too!

As I got this today, I haven't used it yet, but I will report back on it. But I am excited to use it. I paid £6.25 for 100g, but I do think it should have been £5.95, which it is online and I'm sure it said that on the sign in the shop, but hey ho!

Next, I picked up "Popcorn" lip scrub. I have really flaky skin on my lips sometimes, but I have been using Revlon Lip Butters, which are really moisturising, and it has helped, but it's nice to have a treat right!

It's described as leaving lips soft, smooth and tasty. Now, I don't know if they are joking, cause part of the isntructions is to lick off the excess. But as it's all natural, that might be true. It has Caster Sugar, Jojoba oil, Sea Salt, Polenta, Coconut Oil and Poping Candy as ingredients, but I sure as hell aint putting any on my tongue to test that last one!

I have used this when I got in, it's so simple and easy. I did manage to taste some and I really believe it tastes like it's ingredients lol. My lips do feel nice and soft, but I'll report back later after more uses. It does smell really similar to Let The Good Times Roll, obviously with the popcorn connection. This was half price at £2.63, but is normally £5.25.

As I also decided to donate £1 to charity (I know, good old me!), I got a sample of "Charity Pot" Hand and Body Lotion.

If you but this, minus the VAT, 100% of the sales goes to Charity, hence the name. I'm not going to go into much details, cause I think we all know what lotions do, but it does smell nice.

What are your fav Lush recommendations? Let me know in comments!

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