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OPI Oz The Great and Powerful Collection

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I remember the first time I ever really got into OPI nail varnishes. I was flicking through a copy of Teen Vogue and I saw an advert for their Shrek Collection. They all looked amazing and I am luck enough to own 3 of them now. Then it was the muppet's collection, which gave me my all time favourite nail varnish (Gone Gonzo), and the spider-man range, then finally the Skyfall collection (I have 5!).

Now, I don't know if I am late on seeing this, because I heard about the Mariah Carey range a while back, but I am holding off on them just for the time being, but OPI have got a tie in range with the new Disney movie OZ: The Great and Powerful, which does look fantastic. As do the nail varnishes!

ChicProfile has introduced me to all the fabulous nail varnishes in the range and I gotta say, I may have to pocket a few of these! I didn't expect the shade that were available, but some of the glitter ones luck amazing, I hope they aren't to sparse with the glitter in them.

I'm not really to fussed about these whole Liquid Sand ones, but I can't wait to try Lights of Emerald City (a beautiful name!), but I kind of expect green with the name, but the glitter piece looked great against base colour. When Monkeys Fly! looks like a great gold glitter but it will have to go some to beat my fav, Models Own Goldfinger. Which is Witch? looks like a perfect silver glitter. The rest are quite nude tones, which I can see fitting with the Good Witch, but I would have expect some for the Bad Witch too, maybe a green or deep red. But I gotta say, they look really interesting. I hope they do more movie tie in collections.

Thanks to ChicProfile for the heads up on this!

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