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Perfume Haul!

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Technically, this really isn't a haul, I only paid for one! I was very lucky this Christmas to be gifted with two perfumes, as well as buying one myself (btw are people trying to tell me something lol!). I know people wonder about doing what they got for Christmas, cause it might come across as bragging, but I hope most of you are on the same side as me, in that your that little bit nosey and like to know. Personally, for me, Christmas is more about enjoying time with your family and Christmas telly (yes I'm that sad!).

Anywhoo, on to the topic - Perfume. I wasn't expecting to get any for Christmas, so it was a really nice surprise. The first was Lady GaGa's "Fame", which was a gift set. As well as getting a 30ml bottle of the perfume, you also got a 200ml Shower Gel in a really lovely draw box, with the perfume and gel in a red velvet inlay. I actually am using the box to store some other bits lol!

When I first heard of the perfume coming out, I was a bit concerned about the smell being... strange, I don't know. But actually, it smells amazing! According to the rather poetic blurb on boots.com it is suppose to smell of honey, saffron and apricot nectar as well as a rich floral layer of crushed tiger orchidea & jasmine sambac (?). I don't really know how to describe it, but it does have a lovely sweet smell, fruity and floral, it's just really vibrant.

You may also know that the perfume is black, but goes clear in air. It's cool certainly, and does look nice in the bottle, but the smell was more important to me. I do love the bottle though, with the contrast of gold and black. The shower gel is also black, which I don't really like cause I thought it was going to stain my hands, and it feels like your washing in dirty water. But overall, a gorgeous smell!

(Please excuse the following sentence, it made me laugh!). The next perfume funnily enough comes from Next. This is called Live Laugh Love and was a lovely gift from my friend Helen. I actually discovered this because I got it for my sister for Christmas, but I'm really glad I got a bottle too, it smells divine.

The box describes it as a "modern, oriental fragrance captured through sweet fruits, creamy floral and seductive musks". I think you can tell, I love really fruity sharp floral fragrances. This starts off strong but really settles nicely, I'd say more floral to begin with but fruitier as it settles. The bottle is beautiful as is the packaging. The great thing about this perfume is that for a 30ml bottle I believe it is £6 - bargin! You can get 100ml on the Next site for £10. Next do some really nice fragrances.

The final perfume is one I gifted to myself, and it's Taylor Swift "Wonderstruck". I am a huge Taylor fan, and I especially love the song that the perfume name comes from "Enchanted" which they use on the advert. I got a gift set which has a 30ml perfume, a 50ml body lotion and a rather dinky and cut 5ml bottle of the perfume. It was only £13.33 in the Boots sale and it is still available online now.

So, let's get to the smell. Again, another poetic blurb but I can gather it has freesia, apple blossom, raspberry, honeysuckle, white hibiscus, vanilla, peach, golden amber and sandalwood. Again, fruity, floral and sweet. I do find it hard to pick out the individual scent, but I defiantly get apple, peach and vanilla. It's just a me fragrance lol!

Now the bottle, it is amazing! As you can see from the picture, the bottle has an iridescent quality, which gives it a rainbow glow and it's purple, which is my favourite colour! The lid also has lots of intricate detail, including Taylor's favourite number, 13. I really love the small bottle as well, but I will say, you don't get the charms that you do with the individual perfume, which is a bit sad.

Overall, 3 lovely fragrances for me to enjoy in 2013 (not all together obviously, as it's not creating the nicest of smells at the moment lol!). Did you get any lovely perfume surprises this xmas? Let me know in comments.

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