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The Nail Purge: GOING

By 2:09 PM

Looking at the polishes in the going list, it's quite surprising some of the brand that are in there, but also the kind of polishes too! A lot of them are basically just because I don't use them, which is a shame, but at least they are going to a new home! I have tried all the ones in the maybe's section too, so I'll give you an update at the end on which made the cut and which were sadly fired!

The first three that are going are Technic in Juicy Jelly, Bourjois So Laque! in Lime Catwalk and Essence multi dimension in Midnight Rocker. These are all going as I said, because I just don't use them. The Technic one is another orange toned one and as I mentioned in the maybe post, I do have a lot of shades like it already. The Bourjois Green was bought because I absolutely love OPI Did It On Em, and this is near on a perfect match, so I got it incase that ran out. But in the Asos Christmas sale, I got another bottle of Did It On Em, for £3!!! So this is off! Finally, I do love this Essence one, but it very muted, where as I have an ELF one which is pretty similar, that just has a bit more sparkle.

These 3 are Beauty UK in 24, Barry M in Red and ELF in Mint Cream. The first one I have had for years, but I have another green just like this by Nicole By OPI and a Model's Own one too and they are just a bit better quality wise. The Barry M one is a free one, but I just hate red nail varnish and I never use it. The final is one I would love to love, but the formula is very thin and streaky.

These are all Technic in Kool Kiwi, Bronze Boogie and Celebration. While they are nice enough colour, I just cannot stand the smell of these, they smell like paint so badly! The formulas arn't that great either, I wish Celebration wasn't so thin, but it's more the smell that are sending these away!

First we have ELF in Metal Madness, then a 17 Crackle Coat and finally a nameless polish from a gift set. The ELF one, while a lovely colour, just doesn't dry and is thick and gloppy, plus I have one very similar from Nicole By OPI, which is much better in quality. The crackle coat, while nice, is just something I just use and I have another nice gold crackle coat with a bit more sparkle, plus this splits really easily and has a funny pink colour that floats on top! The nameless one, again, I just don't use.

Next are two Barry M lovelies. I loved Barry M at first and got a lot of their polishes and still have a lot, but some of them, I would love to love, but can't! Blue Moon is one of them. It's a lovely pale icy blue with a faint shimmer running through, but the formula is not for me, it doesn't dry. The Barry M Magnetic one in Dark Silver, is a polish that while nice, the magnetic pattern just doesn't work on it well at all, it is really hard to see. The red one, however, is superb! I just don't use my magnetic ones enough, because they take time, but i will get to them hopefully!

This has quite a funny story as to why it's going. I bought this NYC one in Central Park the weekend before an interview. I was going to wear a bright colour, but my sister told me not too so I wore this - and didn't get the job! So I haven't worn it since lol! I don't think it's jinxed or nothing, but it just reminds me every time I see it.

You would think I'd want to keep all my Essence ones, because they are hard to get in the UK, but this one, I just never seem to get on with. It's called Where is the Party and is a quick drying one, but I found that when you pressed it, you left a fingerprint in it, so it's not the best at drying really!

First off, I am a huge fan of Nicole By OPI! I just love their range and had really high hopes for this one, but we just don't get on. "I Pink I Love Him", while a nice shade, is just not opaque enough, even after 3 coats. I think my friend will really like this though, so it's going to a good home.


So now an update on the maybe's! I am keeping the NYC and ELF ones, as well as the Models Own one, but the others are all going! I threw the beauty UK one in the bin and I so wanted to keep the A England one and I thought that it worked a lot better yesterday. I did two coats in the space of watching Gok's Fashion Fix, so I gave it plenty of time to dry and all I had to do, was wipe my finger over it and it all came off. Does anyone else have that problem with "Order Of The Garter"?

What do you think of the ones that are going? Would you keep any? Let me know in comments!

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