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The Nail Purge: Maybes????

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At this time of year, I like to do what is known as a Nail Purge, where I sort out all my nail varnish, see which I rally used the most, which I haven't and which have gone a bit icky! Well, it gives me a good excuse to buy some lovely new ones (I have my eye on the Selena Gomez for Nicole By OPI Collection!). This year is no exception. However, this year, there are some which I just don't know if I want to get rid of or not. So this week, I have been road testing some of them.

A England in Order Of The Garter - I really love the A England brand, I think they have some of the best polishes, especially Camelot, which is the best one coat black ever and Merlin, which is the best full coverage silver glitter varnish. But me and this one, just did not get one. It just didn't seem to dry for me and was really thin and patchy. I don't know if it was because I didn't have the best base to apply it to at the time or what. It's very similar to Into The Night in the type of polish it is. I am hoping, because I haven't used it in a while, it might have "gone off" a bit lol! and apply better. I'll get back to you on it.

Technic Lolli Pop - I bought loads of this collection and literally spent nothing lol! I don't recall there being anything wrong with the application of this but it's just something I don't pic up. I think it's because it's a kind of in between shade, it's not quite pastel and it's not quite on tone, it's confused. But I'm hoping this might be a keeper.

Beauty UK 20 - This is years old! It even has the price tag on (60p) and the shop doesn't even exist anymore that I got it from. This is actually from BeautyUK* which is a brand they sell in Superdrug and I didn't know it was the same brand. I'm gonna say, it doesn't look it's best and it stinks to high heaven, but it doesn't seem to bad and it flows quite well. Again, just something I don't go for, but this might go to the bin rather than the donate pile.

ELF Passion Pink - I have a butt load of ELF varnishes! This fell into the same category as another varnish which I'll show you later. Even though this is called pink it is slightly on the orange side and I have a lot of orange varnishes, (coral maybe!). I don't like red and I think this is my compramise! I have this one today with said other polishes and it isn't easy to tell the difference between the two, but I think I might keep it!

Barry M Peach Melba - God, Peach Melba is a varnish I would just love to love, but I can't because the formulation is good awful! It's patchy, it doesn't dry and for some reason, even though it's patchy, it's thick! I know that Barry M is a love and hate brand and I do love some of their other colours, especially turquoise and their effects range. But sadly, this one is being donated (I won't tell them about the formula lol!).

NYC Times Square - I kind of already know I am going to keep this, even though I have at least two other polishes that are near bob on the same, one being Essie Orange It's Obvious and one of my surprise faves from last year, OPI Call Me Gwen-Ever. This is actually a really lovely polish, my only reason was because of the similarities, but I think it will be going back on the shelf lol!

Miss Sporty, Red, Yellow and Purple - I already know the purple is going, no matter if purple is my favourite colour. This one if just heinous! It's patchy and thick and didn't work well with my MUA Fur Effects! The other two were bought for nail art, because as I said, I don't really like red, but this is more of a creamy red, rather than a cherry red. The yellow, I hate, it's got nothing on pastel yellow (but Hit The Lights in The Selena Gomez Collection looks beautiful!) and I don't know about the red yet.

Models Own Blue Med - I'm gonna say right off, I love Model's Own polishes! They do some really interesting shades and my all time favourite is Gold Finger, which is just the best full coverage gold glitter, and it's not yellow toned gold, it's more pure. The main reason for this being a maybe is it's not what I thought. It's very very light and you need at least 4 coats for a good-ish coverage. It might make a good layer polish. If not, I'm sure it would find a good home!

Have you had a sort out lately or love any of these polishes? Let me know in comments! Stay tuned for the next in my nail purge - the donations!

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