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Beauty Closet Haul

By 6:46 PM

If you remember in my last post, I mentioned I was going to be doing some free shopping! Well, that is because I was very lucky to win a contest on BroganTateXO's blog, and my prize was £20 to spend at her site, The Beauty Closet. Lucky me!

Most people might savior the moment and take their time to choose. I gotta admit though, I was pretty much in and out in about 5 minutes, even though there were so many lovely products to choose from. I ordered Saturday and it arrived yesterday, but as per usual with my post, I was out when it came, so I finally got it today. I was bit Golum and my precious with the lady post officer, as she pasted the lovely pink parcel over to me (that's very literary isn't it!).

Anyway, let's take you through it!

Brogan had rather lovely decorated the box with my name!

Inside was two cards - I love Brogan's business card, it's so pretty and another with a lovely message on (I bet Amazon wouldn't do that!):

Inside the box was like a little treasure trove! There was a square box and a little bag filled with pink wrapped goodies! So what did I get with me £20 (and a bit of me own! I couldn't resist!):

First, I finally got myself a lovely mirror for my bag! I have a couple of mirrors in my bag, but one is looking battered and one is on a brush, so I had to get this! I love all the writing scrawled across it, it read "mirror mirror on the wall".

Best pass the parcel ever!

If you've read my blog before, I bought a Charm Bracelet from the Beauty Closet before, so I thought I needed another. I love the charms and the black cord on this Lucky Charm Bracelet, it's a bit edgier than a cutesy charm bracelet.

I nearly bought this peacock ring the first time I ordered from the Beauty Closet, so naturally, I bought it now!

I incoporated two in one with this lovely Ring Necklace. I love the gold on this, cause it's sort of what I would call a dirty gold and the charms are not too in your face but stylish.

I was clearly so busy shopping that I forgot to read the stretchy part in the product description, cause when I got this Made With Love bracelet I was like "How do I get it over my big hand!". But this is really ingenious actually and you would never know it's stretchy once it's on your wrist. And so beautiful charms too!

What can I say, I love my Beauty Closet haul! Thank you to Brogan and the beauty closet! I never expect to win this contest, so it was a real surprise when I saw it in my inbox lol!

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