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Come Shop With Me!

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Listen up Channel 4, it's a fab new concept!

So today I thought I would take you shopping with me! Aren't I kind. Please enjoy the free virtual beverage at the end of the post, it's on me!

So this morning I decided to keep things casual, you don't need to dress up for a day out shopping. I wore a simple black long sleeve top with a new New Look purchase, this lovely "Now Or Never" Tank. I choose my favourite Eden black jeggings from Dorothy Perkins and my Biker Buckle Boots from George@Asda, to finish. Obviously, I had a jacket too, but I gotta say, it is lovely and sunny out, even if it's bit chilly, I ain't complaining. I took my favourite bag at the moment, which is a cute Panda bag I got off ebay. I love shopping ebay for cute bags. And off course, I don't go anywhere without some tunes, so the iPod came too.

Now I'll bore you with my first stop, the library. Considering the stack of books I have to read, virtual and real, this was not a good idea. But I came out with a couple of reads, including Spells by Aprilynne Pike. I read Wings ages ago, so I hope I'm gonna enjoy the sequel. Then I went for a nosey round HMV, but considering my DVD shelf is near collapse (it's got to stacking on top of one another stage - bad!), I quickly left.

I quickly bypassed New Look, as I got quite a hefty haul from their on Sunday. As well as the white top I wore today, I picked up a Cameo Rose Bird Print Top (I heart the cameo rose range!), this Black and White Chicago Raglan top and this gorgeous Mint Green Speckled Bat Wing Jumper. I own that in blue too, but they fit so lovely and are so soft. I took a quick trip to The Works, and picked up two books, which really isn't helping the whole reading situ! I got My Mad Fat Diary as I have been loving the TV series and also From Notting Hill to New York ... Acutally. Which I've only just now realised is a sequel - damn it!

Naturally a trip to the bank was next lol Then I popped to Superdrug for a nosey and saw they had the new Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation and at £6.99, but bad Superdrugs was not stocked very well, so they didn't have one in my colour. So I popped to boots and they had it too at full price, so I left it for now, as you know what happened last time I bought a new foundation! I will say though, they had a much wider shade collection - Superdrug only had 5. I also noticed my boots now has a Essie nail bar and a Revlon one, so I was really happy. I popped to Lush next to pick something up but I noticed they didn't have my "Let The Good Times Roll" cleanser and nor is it listed on the website, so I've tweeted them lol! I did get a Tea Tree Toner Water. I think I could quite willingly live in Lush! I then went to a couple of Charity Shops to see if I could pick up a nice mirror or some nice jars to put my make-up brushes in, just something a bit different, but nothing stood out.

Finally, I went to WHSmith for some magazine fun time and picked up Teen Vogue. Now, I know it has teen in the title and being in my twenties, I am no longer a teen, but I just find it an easier read than Vogue. Plus Chloe Moretz was on the cover and I love her! She is fab in Hugo and I think she has even greater things to come. The fashion spread is fab too. I've actually got my name in Teen Vogue once, commenting on a Selena Gomez issue that featured in a Demi Lovato issue (does that make sense). I may go comment on this one too!

And that was my shopping trip, I hope enjoyed coming shopping with me and feel free to Come Shop With Me again! Now go enjoy that virtual beverage - I'm paying!

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