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February Favourites

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Just a few favourites this month and most I've already spoken about on the blog so far.

Skin care wise, I've loved these Nivea Visage Daily Essential Fragrance Free Facial Cleansing Wipes. I bought some really cheap wipes and while they were damp, it felt like they were pulling across my face and pulling my eyelashes out - no good. These were lovely though, no dragging at all, nice and damp and really took everything off. I also mentioned already my Superdrug Simply Pure Spot Cleansing Moisturizer Cream and the Deep Action anti-Blemish Gel, both fantastic products. I've also been using and loving Lush Tea Tree Toner Water, it's just lovely and refreshing after cleansing. It smells divine too and makes my skin nice and clean.

Make-Up wise you are going to be very surprise as I bought a new foundation! And I love it! It's Rimmel Match Perfection Light Reflecting Radiance Foundation in 010 Light Porcelain. I just love this, I've even given up using my Maybelline one. And to honest, the colour match is better, even though they are both Porcelain in shade, the Maybelline one is actually more orange toned, where as this is lighter. Nice day coverage and I do agree with it giving an illuminated glow. I'll do a more in depth post later. I've also been loving my MUA Radiant Under Eye Concealer, it just make me more awake when I'm so not awake. I've also been using everyday my MUA F6 Contour and Blush Brush. I use it with my bronzer and in one sweep, it picked up more product than the brush I used before!

Finally, two old but fab nail polishes I have loved this month and two of my fav from 2012, OPI Call Me Gwen-Ever and Nicole By OPI Kendall On The Katwalk, I literally stare at that all day!

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