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Luscious Haul

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I went to Lush again, I know!! But this was for a birthday present!

Shopping for a birthday present in Lush was so fun, cause I literally got to smell everything! In the end though, I went for the Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly (if it weren't for the glitter, this would look good enough to eat, scratch that, I'd eat it anyway!), which smells of Cherries and Coconut. I also got her a Bubble Bar slice in The Comforter, which is scented with berries, this smells like heaven!

I jumped on the Rimmel Apocalips Bandwagon and got one in Nude Eclipse. It took a while to find, cause I couldn't find them in Boots, but luckily they were in Superdrugs. I had been researching swatches all week and couldn't decide which to get, but I went back to my basics and got a nude shade. The packaging on this is just gorgeous, really high quality for a £5.99 lipgloss! These are gonna be huge. I also went pound shop hunting for more nail varnish and picked up another 4 Sally Hansen shades. I got another Insta Dri in Uptempo Plum, as I really love the shade, but I might give it too my friend for her birthday. I also got 3 Complete Salon Manicure shades in Fairy Teal, Navy Baby (I love blues at the moment!) and Black Platinum.

Finally, I took a trip to New Look. I have been so into this store at the moment, especially their jumpers, and I got a lovely baby blue one with Bat Wings, for £14.99. It's not too heavy so I can wear it in spring too, but I defiantly need it, as my place of work is freezing!

Right, off to do some more shopping but for free! Will reveal why in a post soon!

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