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MUA Haul and Mini Review

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This is exactly why you shouldn't follow brands on twitter! On Thursday night, I was happily working away, when up popped a tweet from MUA (Make-Up Academy). So I thought I'd take a look. Next thing you know, I'm £25 down with a very nicely loaded shopping cart! I was going to take advantage of that offer (I hate using the word that like that, but you know!) a couple of weeks ago, but I'm so glad I waited now, because I wouldn't have got the products that I did. Bust 8 products for £25 and free shipping - bargain!

The post of this I will say was incredible. Ordered Thursday night, got Saturday morning. The post packaging is nothing to write home about, I would have preferred a box like you get with ELF, but the more damageable items, like eyeshadows, were extensively bubble wrapped. I mean, teeth were involved in the unpacking.

If you don't know much about the brand, MUA have literally popped up over the past year, due to their fantastic products, that are very very reasonably priced. It would be very hard to pick up anything over £5 really. While I ordered off the websites, most products are also available in Superdrugs. So let's get into what I picked up.

I had really really wanted some brushes last time they had an offer on, so these were the first things I picked up. I grabbed a F6 Blusher & Contouring brush and a F2 Stippling Brush, both £3.00.

Both brushes are cruelty free and synthetic. I've been after a stippling brush for a while, and didn't want to try anything too expensive yet, until I got the hang of using them. I must admit, the quality of this seems really good. The brush end response well to pressure, and it has a good amount of bristles, which are nicely packed in. I've also wanted a contouring brush for a while, and again, same with the stippling one, this seems really good. They both have a slight new brush packaging smell, so I hope that goes away lol. I'll get back to you on the usage of these!

Next I picked up the new Undress Me Too Eyeshadow Palette. I mean, who can resist an eyeshadow palette! And for £4. I have the orignal too and I've guessing, these are very much like the Urban Decay Naked Palettes, which I don't own, but I am thinking of treating myself too on either the next pay day or the next time I get to Debenhams (let me know, good investment? Which Palette?).

My only little gripe on this palette is that I think they should have gone with a white brush to match the lovely new packaging, but really, that's just being picky. I haven't tried the colours yet, but here is a quick comparison to the Undress Me Palette:

The first palette is the black packaging and the 2 palette is the white packaging. While there isn't a deviation from the neutral shade, I'd say the too palette has some more wearable everyday colours, that are more skin neutral. But again, I'll get back to you on the usage.

Next I got the Pro-Base Fixing Mist, which I had heard a lot of good things about. This was one of the more expensive items at a £5, but you get a good size bottle for the money. Again, I'll get back to you on usage, but I will say the smell of it is really lovely, very refreshing and not strongly scented at all, it just smells fresh lol. The only bad side is the packaging, it looks a tad cheap compared to the other products and my label isn't stuck on well at all.

Next was a bit of a whim product, cause as you know from other posts, I had a terrible time when I decided to swap foundations, but I thought I would give the Undress Your Skin Illuminating Foundation a try. This I got at an introductory price of £3 (normally £5). I love the packaging on this actually, and I'm a sucker for a bold arial font lol. This comes in 3 shades, and I went for the lightest in Porcelain. It claims a medium to full coverage, an even-toned glow, with a soft healthy radiant finish.

I gave this a go this morning and here are my thoughts. I would say it is more of a medium to light coverage, but that is perfect for an everyday look. I would say this is more on the BB cream side, because I did think it evened the skin tone and it did give my skin a nice glow. I'm not sure if the colour is a tad light for me yet. I was going to compare price with my normal foundation, but the label is so rubbed off, I don't know how much is in it! I do think that there is a lot of air in this tube, so in terms of amount for money, at £5, I think you could have got a bit more. But overall, a nice product.

Next I grabbed the Undress Your Skin Radiant Under Eye Concealer (£2, normally £3). This has a brush tip applicator (like a lipgloss) and claims to banishes dark circles and create a radiant glow. Again, lovely packaging and this is skin tone neutral.

I tried this this morning and I'm not 100% on this yet. At first, when I put it on, I thought some of the highlighter I tried and left on my hand, had come off with this as I looked like I had a massive eyeshadow fall out under my eyes. But if you look closely at the picture, there is a bit of shimmer in this (are these light-diffusing particles??). I did think it refreshed my eyes underneath, but I think this is going to be a product to tread carefully with and practice using.

Next up is the Undress Your Skin Flawless Skin Primer (£3, normally £5). I'm not a primer person, but I thought I might as well try one. I thought there was nothing in this at first lol but it's a see through primer. The packaging on this I loved, because the pump has a twist in it, so that you can open and close it, as well as a lid. I'm not gonna go into what it does, it's a primer.

This is a shadow from the Undress Me Palette, the bottom without primer, the top with primer. I was very impressed with this primer and with just the primer, it did leave me skin looking polished and ready. The only other primer I have and never use is Collection 2000 Primed & Ready. That is £5.99 and 18ml (very small!). This is £5 normally and you get 15ml, small again, but this is a lot better than the Collection one.

Finally I got the Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder (£2, normally £3). How beautiful is this!!!

This claims to be "a lightweight baked powder designed to provide sheer coverage and a radiant soft-focus effect to transform your complexion with luminescence shimmer".

This looks like it going to work so pretty on my face, I'll get back to you on usage.

Overall, I am pretty happy with my Haul. What do you think of the products? Have you used any or can recommend other MUA products? Let me know in comment.

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  1. Love this blogpost!,I love all the products in MUA undress shades.