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March Favourite 2013

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So it's the end of March already nearly - really? It's gone quite fast, but luckily, tomorrow is Easter Sunday, so you know what that means - chocolate!

There is no chocolate in my favourites this month, but there are some nice goodies. Two of these products were mentioned in my February favourites, but now I have been using them the full month, I'm giving you an update on why I love them even more!

I have just been getting on so well with my Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation in Light Porcelain. It's just perfection (please excuse the pun!) for me. It find it amazing thought, in the differentiation in shades, not only between brand but the same brand. My Maybelline foundation was in Light Porcelain, but it is very very orange toned, compared to the Rimmel one. In an update from my haul, I also got the same Rimmel foundation but in a cream compact formula. It is the same colour name, but I will say, it is slightly darker, but maybe it the formula. I don't like it as much as the liquid one, but I'll use it up.

I have been using my Superdrug Simply Pure Spot Clearing Moisturising Cream daily since the beginning of March and I am very very impressed. I've never been plagued with spots, but I did use to get the odd white head. Since the beginning of March, I would say I have not had one spot, not even at our special time! That's when I usually get them. I don't know if it's purely just this, but I'm gonna continue using it.

Another skin favourite of the month is Lush's Angels On Bare Skin Cleanser. I was really really annoyed when they discontinued Let The Good Times Roll, but after reading up on this one, I decided to try it when my other ran out. I was really looking for something to even skin tone and reduce redness, and I have been liking this. I don't think my skin is as red as it was. I will say though, it's not as gritty as I like, because my chin and nose need something gritter, so I think I'm gonna throw in a mid week exfoliation.

I didn't haul this the other day, cause I was going to do a separate post on it, but I can't wait! I splurged on a Real Techniques Expert Face Brush (Thanks to EssieButton lol!). I have foundation brushes and sponges, but more often than not, I find they suck the product up something rotten, which really annoys me and they leave brush marks. This totally is worth the £9 something, because it just doesn't soak up the product at all and creates a great base! I may buy some more!

It wouldn't be a PE Favourite without some nail action! Two favourites of this month are Barry M Textured Nail Paint in Ridley Road and Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in The Sky's The Limit. When they textured nail trend came out, in didn't just on board at all like I did with the magnetic and crackle coats. However, Barry M may have converted me. It is bloody strange, but I couldn't stop stroking my nail when I had this on, it was quite therapeutic! A lovely Spring shade to. I matched this with the other Barry M from my haul (Gelly Shine in Lychee! Another fab colour!). This Sally Hansen one is just my favourite shade of blue. It is very close to her Brisk Blue which is another of my favourites. My only issue is it's a bugger to get off, cause it stains the sides of my nails. I am loving Sally Hansen at the moment and have found a site offering some really great shades at a fantastic price, so I may purchase as an Easter treat.

I also have a couple non beauty faves of the month! NEW GIRL IS BACK!!! Finally! So as a treat, I re watched season one, sadly not in time for the season 2 opener, but it only took me a couple days! AND TAYLOR SWIFT IS GONNA BE IN IT!!! RESULT!! I have also been reading Spells by Aprilynne Pike. I saw this in the library the other week and snatch it off the shelf quickly! I read Wings a while ago and I am enjoying this, but not as much as Wings. It's taking me forever to read it, because I've been catching up on my magazines too. The most epic non beauty favourite of the month though, is the Iron Man trailer!

What are your March favourites? Let me know in comments!

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