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Wedge Trainers

By 12:08 PM

Wedge Trainers

Wedge Trainers by delta88 featuring a skechers wedge
Skechers wedge, £53 / Timeless wedge sneaker / Black wedge

About a year ago, I bought a pair of wedge trainers, when they were just coming out. At the time, I really liked them, but after a couple of times of wearing them, I seem to forget about them. Until now! After doing a bit of celeb fashion browsing on the internet, I noticed a lot people wearing the Isabel Marant wedge sneakers (you can see them here (and the price!) at net-a-porter). Seeing them, made me think about my own, so I dug them out this morning and we had a lovely day out!

Mine are not available at New Look anymore, but you can get some very similar at Very. These ones from Skechers though are a near dupe of the Isabel Marant ones and a lot cheaper (only if shipped from the states sadly though!). But I also love this tan pair from Asos, they have a really nice shape. I would really love a pair of trainers like wedge trainers, but without the wedge!

Are you yeahy or nay on wedge trainers? Let me know in comments.

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