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Little Mini Boots Haul

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I've been catching a little bit of the blusher bug lately, so I thought I would pop to Boots, with my trusty coupons in hand, to see what I could pick up. I made a slight error and came out with five lip products and one blush. Well, best laid plans!

Let's start with the blush. I've wanted to try a Revlon Photoready Blush for ages, so naturally, in my blusher mode, I picked one up. These come in three colour's, also a hot pink and a coral orange. I went for Pinched, which is a more peach orange tone and perfectly, for me, has a wee bit of shimmer through it.

I couldn't get this to show up too well on my camera, so I'll give it a shot this week and if it's good, it might be in my favourites. I'm not too impressed with the packaging on this, it looks cheap in comparison to other Revlon products. My Revlon sticker is so off center and my box looks a bit battered too. But it quality of product, not quality of packaging.

I went to the 17 section with a product in mind, but then I saw these lovely Seventeen Lip Lustre Lip Glosses (apparently new) in lots of lovely shades. I can't actually find these on the Boots website at the moment, which is a shame, but check the other colours out in store. My eyes instantly went to the nude peach colours. I picked up Talk That Talk (it reminded me of the Rihanna album!) and Ice Maiden. They were a great price, not on offer either, of £3.99.

A lovely close up shot! Talk That Talk is a beautiful pinky peach tone, with a gold shimmer running through this. It's very mush a lipgloss equivalent of Revlon's Lip Butter Peach Parfait. Ice Maiden isn't as cold or shimmery as the name suggest. It's a nude colour with a very very slight silver shimmer. I can't wait to try these out or layer them over lipstick.

I wanted a few natural toned lipsticks, so I took a look at the Natural Collection ones. I picked up two of the Sheer Natural Lip Colour lipsticks in Sand Castle (love the name!) and Apple Blossom. I actually have Apple Blossom already in the old thin long packaging and got it into my head that they stopped making it, so have been using it sparingly! I couldn't get these to swatch on my hand too well so I'll try my best to describe them. Apple Blossom is a nude pink toned, a lot more nuder than you would think to look at, it's more on the cold side of nude. Sand Castle is a natural pink tone, with a slight shimmer in, which I only just notice. The packaging is a bit flimsy, but I can get over that. The two tone would actually go well with the 17 Lip Lustres.

Finally, the one product I actually wanted to get, was another of the 17 Mirror Shine Lipsticks in Beehive. It took me a while to find it, because they have changed the packaging since I last got it and AM I PLEASED!

Beehive is a shade that is so universal. It is on the sheer side, but that's what makes it perfect. It's hard to describe the colour because it's not as dark as it looks. What I love about the packaging, is the little mirror in the lid that pops out. And thank good they changed the lid, because the lid is forever falling off my other one. I do miss slightly the electric blue coloured packaging, but for the lid actually staying on, I truly don't care! I don't think there is a difference in colour between the two, which is good.

Any great picks for this month? Let me know in comments.

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