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Nail Polish Haul From Cosmetics Fairy

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Say what you see! As I mentioned on twitter yesterday, I have a real issue. It's not to do with my insane need to buy nail polish (but that's another issue lol!) but really, look, what do you notice? Is there something oddly familiar.

That's right, they are all some form of blue and green! Out of all the colour I could have purchased, I purchased pretty much the rainbow effect from green to blue. When I did a sort out of my nail polish in January, I noticed that the biggest two categories where blue and purple, but green was getting there. So what do I do? Go out and buy more blues and greens. I have issues!

All these polishes were purchased from my latest find CosmeticsFairy.Co.Uk. I've been really into Sally Hansen polishes lately, and as you can see, they make up the majority of my haul. But CosmeticsFairy had a lot of the ones I couldn't find in the UK, which is great, like the Insta Dri ones, which I love. You might think 11 polished is a lot, BUT my entire order came to just over £15 I think AND that also included 2 lip products. So I gotta say, bargin central lol! So let's crack on.

First are two Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Colours, in Teal-y Cool (left) and Deep Blue Sea (Right). Teal-y Cool is a teal green with chucks of glitter throughout. The base is very very sheer, even after three coats, so it's going to be a layer polish, but it's very pretty. Deep Blue Sea, is of course blue, more towards the navy side and is metallic. This builds up nicely with three coats.

Next are two Jesse's Girl Polishes, which I don't know if they are readily available in the UK or not, but I've never seen them before here.

I got Girl's Night Out (left) and Mermaid's Lagoon (right). Girl's Night Out is a real true blue and is perfect in 2-3 coats. Mermaid's Lagoon is a lovely turquoise shade with a lovely gold shimmer running through it, very true to it's name. A 3 coater.

Next up is about the cutest mini polish I own! This is a mini sized Essie polish in Smooth Sailing. It's a purple toned blue (plue!) with a fine glitter shimmer running though it. Great in 3 coats, but it is darker than I thought it would be. I'm glad I got the mini size because this is very similar to Essence I'm Bluetiful, just a finer shimmer.

Another Sally Hansen, this time a HD Hi-Definition Nail Colour in Spectrum (love the name!). Again, like Teal-y Cool, this is more sheer, so will probably be a great layer polish. While the main colour is a dark blue turquoise, it is holographic, so it changes colour depending on how you look at it.

More Sally Hansen, but the complete Salon Manicure range, in a beauty called Green Tea. This is a really pale jade green and is great in two coats. Perfect spring shade!

Finally the Insta Dri! I just love these bottles! First up are Chartreuse Chase and Jade Jump. Both named perfectly, Chartreuse Chase has a slight shimmer finish and Jade Jump is perfect in 2 coats.

Finally, two fantastic darker Insta-Dri in Teal-y fast and Emerald Express. I just love the shimmer finish on these, and I do know I own a couple of other very similar polishes (Model's Own Emerald Black, Nicole By OPI Too Rich For You), but they are some of my favourite shades, even if they are a bugger to remove.

(Top Row: Left - Jesse's Girl Girl's Night Out / Right - Jesse's Girl Mermaid Lagoon. Bottom Row: Left - Sally Hansen Teal-y Cool / Right - Sally Hansen Deep Blue Sea)

(Top Row: Left - Green Tea / Center - Chartreuse Chase / Right - Teal-y Fast. Bottom Row: Left - Spectrum/ Center - Emerald Express / Right - Jade Jump // All Sally Hansen)

(Essie - Smooth Sailing)

What do you think of my picks? Do I have a green/blue problem!?! Let me know in comments.

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