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That Peach Melba Thing

By 6:53 PM ,

I really love the Natural Collection blushes, because they have really everday basic colours, which is perfect for me.

While sorting out my make-up, I found an older Natural Collection blush, which I just had to use. A Gorgeous shade called Peach Melba. As it was old, I thought I'd check out whether they still sold it. And they do.

But here's the funny thing, I already had the new one. But in comparison, they are not the same at all.

They Old Natural Collection Peach Melba is superb. It is a lovely soft coral peach shade, full of lovely shimmer. You really don't need highlighter or anything with it.

The new Peach Melba, well, in comparison, it just isn't that special. It leans slightly more towards the pink tone and all that beautiful shimmer is gone. I don't like the packaging as much either.

Which do you think is best? Let me know in comments.

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