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My £2 Haul

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Very Very sorry for the lack of posts! I have been a lot busier at work than usual, but I'm on the down now, so hopefully, lots of lovely posts coming your way.

OK, so technically this really isn't a £2 haul, but thanks to the lovely thing known as the boots points, I managed to only spend £2!! Never the less, I now have about £1 something in points.

First off, my actually £2 was spent in a poundshop (the turquoise one, I forget the name) and I picked up 2 more Sally Hansen Complete Manicure polishes. I seem to have a magpie effect with green, which isn't even my favourite colour, I don't think I own any green clothing. This one is called Grass Slipper, and I think it was the name more than anything that drew me too it. And as Purple is my beyond favourite colour in the world, I picked up this fab purple glitter called Loves Me Not. It's like a mix of purple and blue glitter and in certain angles, it looks gold, which I love. I swatched this on a piece of paper and I think it could even be a one coat varnish.

I have been wanting to try the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation, as I've heard it's good and I really love my Match Perfection foundation. I got the shade Ivory, which I will admit is darker than my normal foundation, which is in porcelain, but it was the lightest shade. It's not really really orange dark for me, if anything, it just makes me look that tiny bit golden and you can't seeing any orange lines. It is a lovely foundation though.

Boots had a deal that when you spent £10, you got a free Scandal Eyes Mascara, which I've always wanted to try, purely because I love the chunky orange tube. So to top me over £10, I of course, being a nail varnish junkie, picked up a I heart lasting finish polish in a lovely orange shade called Tangy Tangerine. This one, I have tried and to be honest, I'm not loving it, very very streaky. It reminds me a lot of Barry M Peach Melba, which I totally did not get on with at all. I was painting my nails in bed at the crack end of the night, so maybe I'll give it another shot.

As for the Scandal Eyes mascara, I haven't tried it yet, but I'm out tomorrow, so I'm gonna try it then because I don't think by the name, it's a day time mascara. It has a nice looking wand though, so I think it's gonna be great!

Hope you enjoyed my sort of £2 Haul!

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