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My OPI Collection (+ Haul)

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As I got some lovely new OPI varnishes from Fragrance Direct, rather than do a haul, I thought I'd show you my OPI collection. I have technically 21, but you'll see why in a mo. I hope you understand I am not doing this to brag, if you like me, your just that little bit nosey at what other people have got and who doesn't love watching a good nail varnish collection video on youtube!

I'll start by telling you right now, I have never paid full price for an OPI varnish. Most of mine have come in collections from Brand Alley, QVC and I also get them from eBay, Fragrance Direct and Asos. I think I paid at most £7.99 for one, but I'll tell you which that is. I do think they are value for the full price amount of money, but I don't mind waiting for a little bit, and getting them in sales or on value sites. So let's get started!

The first 3 colours I ever got were from the Shrek Forever After collection, which was released in 2010. I got these as a set of three on Brand Alley, after seeing them in an advert in Teen Vogue Magazine! I think I probably got them in 2011, but I can't remember, but I was just so glad to get them. To be honest, I preferred the darker colours from the collection, especially Funky Dunkey and Who The Shrek Are You?, but I just had to have some lol. From left to right, they are Fiercly Fiona, Rumples Wiggin' (which I wore on my Birthday that year, because I got them around my birthday!) and What's With The Cat-itude?.

The next two I got at separate times, but they are from the same collection. Both of these came from the fantastic Muppet's collection, which I totally got on the late end of and missed some of the really great ones, like Rainbow Connection, Fresh Frog of Bel Air and Devine Swine! But this collection did give me my all time favourite varnish - Gone Gonzo! I just love this colour so much and it's a real shame it was limited edition, but Revlon do a great dupe which I have too. You can get pretty full coverage too! I also have Warm and Fozzie, which I got from Asos (the other is the £7.99 one I was talking about which I got from ebay) and while it is a lovely colour, it doesn't paint well on the tips of your nails.

The next varnish is my technicality lol! Because I won two of it, so I really only have 20. This colour is from the Nicki Minaj 2012 collection and while I don't really like her music, I can appreciate this collection. I loved Metallic 4 Life and Fly, which were two great colour, but I am so glad I got Did It On Em, because it is my go to lime green, I just love this shade and have used it in so many nail arts. I picked up the first bottle cheap on ebay and then got it on sale for only £3 on Asos, so I stocked up! I have dropped this polish so many times as well, that I'm glad I have a spare!

I heard about the Spider-Man collection way before it came out, so I was truly prepared! I am a hugh Spider-Man movie fan (the ones with Tobey Maguire) and so naturally, this wormed it's way into my collection. I got all three of these for £12 on ebay and these again were the colours I wanted, so it seemed fitting. Into The Night is a lovely Midnight Blue, but it is very sheer which was slightly disappointing. Number One Nemesis is a Metallic gold grey and surprisingly, my favourite is call me Gwen-Ever, which was one of my top products of last year. I didn't expect to really like this, but then loved it. I don't like real true red nail varnish, so I think I compromise on coral, which I love. The french got an amazing exclusive varnish called Spotted, which is like a crackle, but give a real water marble effect, which I would love to get my hands on!

Another collection I preempted, was the Skyfall Collection. And thanks to the fantastic people of QVC, I got a really amazing package. They did a boxset deal, where you got 4 full sized bottles from the collection, full size Nail Envy, Drip Dry Drops and Avoplex, for £27.55 with an rrp of £85.60! But I also picked up one in the Asos sale too. First off is the gem from the collection, The Living Daylights, which I really need to use more often. The red shade is You Only Live Twice and I really didn't want this one, cause of my hate of red varnish, but I love it! It's a glittery dorothy red and more cherry than blood red. The purple is Casino Royale and me being a Purple Maniac, naturally loved it!

On Her Majesty's Secret Service was the other colour I got in the set, and is very similar to Number One Nemesis, but it's more of a Black Grey Metallic. From Asos, I picked up Live and Let Die, which is a blue toned grey, with a almost green gold shimmer.

I was going to get some of the OZ collection, but I was a bit underwhelmed with the glitter ones after I first saw them, coverage wise, so as of late, I've been picking up older colours from Fragrance Direct. The first one I got is called I Juggle Men and is from the Femme de Crique 2011 collection. It's basically a clear shimmer top coat.

In my latest Fragrance Direct haul, I picked up 5 shade, which all happen to be from the Holland 2012 collection. But at £3.99 each, they are a bloody bargin! The first 2 are very similar, I must admit. I Have A Herring Problem is a dark turquoise blue, with a hint of gold silver shimmer, while I Don't Give A Rotterdam is a dark sky blue with a silver shimmer. Both beautiful shade though!

The other three shade are as follows. The Purple madness continues with Dutch Ya Just Love OPI? which is a true purple with gold shimmer through it. Next is a colour which I got purely at first because of the name, which is Thanks A Windmillion! It strangely reminds me of the Wombles lol and finally I got one of my only brown shades, called Wooden Shoe Like To Know, which is a chocolate brown with gold shimmer.

And that's my OPI collection. I have my eye on a couple, especially Tiffany Case from the Bond Girl Liquid Sand Collection, as well as the upcoming San Francisco collection, but I think for now, I have my 20 lol! Share you OPI collection with me in the comments.

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