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June Favourites

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Hello everyone, sorry for my lack of updating this month, I have been very very busy, including a trip to London to see The Lion King!!! However, next month, I promise (getting ready for a letdown!) more posts, including some more nail collection posts! I love shooting those (look at me talking like a pro!).

This month has been a great for new favourites! It's been a good mix of beauty and facial skin care. Let's start with the make-up goodies!

I'm not gonna go too much into this little gem, as I have a pretty extensive post on it already. Thanks to the MUA guys for featuring it on their Facebook as the Katy Palette! I love having a palette named after me. It's becoming a daily staple!

This month has been a pretty good month lip wise, what with my lovely purchase of two MAC goodies, but sadly, they won't be on my favourites as I have not really used them too much, as I'm saving them for special occasions! This month however, I've come up with four lip treats. I went made for these Shrek Forever Apple Chapsticks! They were 19p each in my local Home Bargins!!! They smell so good, a bit like fairy liquid! They are SPF 15 too, which is good and I've been slicking them on before my usual lip colour. This Model Co Shine Ultra Lipgloss in Strip Tease was a freebie with Glamour this month. It was not a brand I had ever heard of before, but I am hooked on this lipgloss. It is a sheer peach tone, with a tone of sparkle in it. It lasts too! I love the packaging, with the mirror on the tube but a let down for some, but a high point for me, is the smell. It smells divine, a bit like starburst sweets! It's orginally £12 but too be honest, I would pay that again for this, I love it. I got two lipsticks this month, the first being from the new MUA Fashionista Range. Fashionista Double Take Lipstick Atomic Tangerine looked a lot nuder online than in person, but the name is so fitting. It is a pink tone coral shade and at first, when I opened it, I was disappointed, because I thought it was going to go on a very striking colour, but it's actually a lot more mellow and suits me well. Love the red packaging. The next is from the Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick range in Notting Hill Nude. Again, the packaging hooked me in, cause Purple is my alltime favourite colour. It's a nude lipstick, but a bit of a darker nude, rather than the creamy peach nudes. The only thing I hate about this, is the smell, it smells like cheap make-up!

(Left to Right: MUA / Model's Co / Rimmel)

I have been loving the Nivea Refreshing Facial Cleansing Wipes this month. I am very particular about face wipes, particularly ones that are really dry, I like them to be moist. These remove everything and as a bonus, are Alcohol Free! I will be getting these again!

I took a cheeky trip to Lush this month, and picked up a couple of goodies, but this is by far, my favourite! Ocean Salt is an exfoliating scrub for the face and body. I will say, it's harsh, it's by no mean a fine scrub, there are chunks in this! But I like this, cause my skin can take it. I use it once a week just to get rid of the dryer patches of skin and it's been working a storm!

For my trip to London, I picked up some travel size products, as I was only staying over one night, so there was no point taking big products. My facial routine for the past few months, has been the Clinique 3 Step System, which I have enjoyed. But I'm coming to the end of those products (It was the £20 starter kit), and so I wanted to see if if I changed the products to something else, whether I would get the same results. I've been using the Simple Kind To Skin Refreshing Facial Wash Gel this week and I think this might be my new favourite. The face wash in my 3 step system was the gel wash and this is very similar. It's 1005 Soap Free, free from artificial perfume and colours, and as far as I can tell from the ingredient list, paraben free. It's so much cheaper, so I think I'll be trying a few more Simple products (I got a few other of there travel size products, but haven't used them regularly).

Finally, It's wouldn't be a PE favourites without some new nail goodies. I broke my 3 free rule and got this W7 polish in Moonlight, just because of the sheer depth of colours in this beauty. I just wish they were 3 free at least, but it's still a great shade and it builds up for full coverage in a good 2-3 coats.

I also picked up with my MUA order the much loved MUA Polish in Pistachio Ice Cream. It's a gorgeous shade and perfectly named. The formula ain't the best, but it works. I love the new Essie style bottles.

For non favourites of the month, we are going for shows, not Movies! As well as seeing the spectular Lion King, I also saw a local product of Disney's Beauty and The Beast, which was just as amazing and I also had to stop myself getting up to join in with a few of the songs! I finished Miranda Hart's "Is It Just Me", big Miranda fan here, so it was a great read. As for music, I don't know if I have any new favourites, but I can't stop listening to Lawson and Rihanna tunes on my ipod!

What are your June favourites? Leave me some must have purchases in the comments!

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