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MUA Fashionista Palette Review

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As soon as the tweet popped up about the new Fashionista Palettes from MUA, I got right on that site and ordered one, because I knew they'd soon sell out. And I'm so glad I bought one, because these palettes, let me tell you, are amazing! Let's take a look first at the palette itself:

You get a choice of 3 palettes. You can get a four well palette in either black or red for £2, but I opted for the 6 well palette, which is £3 and comes only in white. This palette is really strudy and has a silver design on the front, which isn't a big sticker, but actually is printed on the palette. Inside the palette is a huge great mirror, perfect for applying make-up and you may notice the round holes - I'll get onto that later, but overall the palette itself is really good!

I picked a mixture of eyeshadows, bronzers and blushers for my palette. I think I paid £13 for my eyeshdows and palette, although it does say £15 on the front, so it's a little confusing. With the eyeshadows, you can pick from 40 mono shades (I paid £2 for each shade, but they are currently at £1.65)and 13 Double Take Baked Eyeshadows (I paid £2, but again they are currently £1.65). They RRP at £4. I chose 3 neutral shades, because I truly believe it is my goal in life to own every form of brown eyeshadow lol. From left to right I got Shade 41 Foxy, Shade 40 Auburn Glow and Shade 19 Nude Glimmer.

I got two blushers and you can choose from 15 shades (£2, now £1.65, RRP £4). I got the shades Shade 11 Glowing and Shade 4 Amber Glow.

Finally, there are 6 Bronzer's for you to choose from. I got the shade Dubai (£2, now £1.65, RRP £4).

They are really easy to get out of their containers, there is not need to get straightners or a nail file to carve the thing out. They simply click out of the packaging. They only thing is that you are left with 6 empty packets when you have put them into your palette, so it would be good to have some sort of recycling service, so they could be used again, cause I certainly can't use them for anything!

You then just simply click them into place in you palette. They are firmly stuck in, so I don't think they would ever fall out, but just watch that you don't like me, stick your finger in the powder when you are popping them in. I was left with a great imprint of my bronzer on my thumb!

The payoff on the eyeshadows was amazing, no primer here! But then again, MUA are known for this! The top one is Nude Glimmer, which will make a great basic day shadow. The middle one is Auburn Glow and I did find this a tiny bit patchy, but saying that, I would never wear this all over my lid, it's gonna be a great eyeliner colour. The bottom one is Foxy and it will be great from the socket and the lid.

The bottom colour here is the Dubai Bronzer. It's looking really gold toned here, but I don't think it was this gold on my face this morning, more glowing than gold, but this again, you can get lots of looks from, because of the mix of colours. The middle colour is the blush in Amber Glow and my God! You need a light hand with this, because I packed this on the brush this morning, thinking it would be light, but I nearly looked like a clown, but this lasted all day, I could still see the specks of sparkle on my cheeks this afternoon. The top colour is the blush in glowing. I haven't tried this on my cheeks yet, but it looks like a lovely everyday tone.

Now for these holes in the bottom of the palette! These are actually one of my favourite things about the palette because you can actually see the colour names and what type of product they are by looking at the bottom of the palette. This is really useful and don't worry, I turned that other one round to match!

Overall, I am very very impressed with these palettes. I think there are a few things here that actually push this palette above some of the more high end palettes. They would make a great present for a friend, cause you can choose them a good mixture of colours and you can really make these palettes a "Look" palette by teaming blush, bronzers and eyeshadows, that might be a day look or a night look. Let's just say, I can't wait to get another!

You can get a palette and more from the new Fashionista range at mua.co.uk/fashionista.

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  1. Wow! Loving the palette :-) I can't wait to get mine in the mail!!


    1. Thanks for the comment Katie! and I especially love the name, considering it's something we have in common lol!

  2. This is a fabulous review! I was looking up thoughts on this product and you've convinced me to get it! :)

    1. Ah Thank you! I'm glad you liked it, let me know what palette you get!

  3. Love these, I bought one a few weeks ago and now I think I'll get another as they're on sale and there's 30% at the minute! I swatched them on my blog if you're interested in some different colours :)