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Miss Glossy Box May/June 2013

By 3:19 PM

I've only ever subscribed to one beauty box before, but when I saw an ad for the latest from Glossy Box, I thought I might jump on board. The new box, Miss Glossybox, is like the little sister to the original. Every two month, subscribers receive a new "box" (more on that later!), with 4-5 high street beauty products, for £7 per 2 months (not including p&p). This seemed like a good box to me, as I'm not one for the high end beauty products, (OPI is about as high end I get, and I don't even think that counts!) and let's face it, the high street / drugstore has some of the best make-up going!

So let's talk about that "box". It's not so much a box, as it is a lovely drawstring bag! But I suppose glossybag doesn't have quite the same ring. It's actually a really good bag, featuring just the logo, so it could easily be used for something else, or even as a gift bag. I hope that they come in different colours for each "box".

May/June 2013 Box Stats:
Amie Spring Clean Cooling Clay Mask (50p - Sachet Size - Price taken from x3 pack)
So...? Dry Shampoo in Va Va Volume (83p - Travel Size - Price taken from full size)
Molly and Mabel Popband (£1.20 - Individual - Price taken from full pack)
2True Glitterati Nail Polish Shade 6 (£1.99 - Full Size)
BeautyUK* Line & Define Eye Pencil (£1.99 - Full Size)
Eye Rock (£6.00 - Full Size)
Nail Set
Lollypop (Yum!)

Overall, this box come to £12.51, which is a great value. All products in italics I have tested.

Eye Rock in Lace

I think a lot of people were not exactly happy to recieve these in the bag, because I can agree, I find them a bit of a hard to wear, even for a night out, they are a bit out there. However, while I'm not gonna be putting these on my eyes anytime soon (although the star design looks fab), I think I might be able to re-use these in a nail art somehow. I get back to you on that one, but a great product to feature and I would love if Nail Rock's were a feature in later bags.

Amie Spring Clean Cooling Clay Mask

While I haven't tried this one yet, I have had one of these before. I always like a product like this in a box, as it's not something I tend to pick up in town, but I actually like treats like this. If I remember rightly, this one does tingle a lot! You can tell it's a cooling mask, as the packet itself feels cool. As a bonus it's paraben and sulphate free, and not tested on animals! Shall be enjoying this in a bath tomorrow!

So...? Dry Shampoo in Va Va Volume

A dry shampoo is always a favourite for me, as I use them daily. Being a part of the Batiste Dry Shampoo Mafia, I am reluctant to change, but I gave this a god this morning. If you familiar with the So scents, you'll instantly recognise the scent of this, but it's not that nice a smell to me. It's not as white as Batiste, which is good and my hair felt softer after it's use, but I don't think it takes the grease away. Plus, I just noticed as I was typing this, mine is leaking a bit! I might keep this for travel, but I wouldn't buy it again.

2true Glitterati Nail Polish in Shade 6

I love a good nail product, so that's a win win for me! ';m not a pink person, but I actually like this product, cause it's full to the brim with glitter!!! I haven't tried this on my nails yet, but I swatched it's a really pretty shade! I can see this looking nice as a layer colour.

Beauty UK* Eye Pencil

I love a black eyeliner and I really like the look of this one, with a matte finish (not the liner but the packaging!). I drew very lightly in my hand with this and you can see it so cleary, so I think this is going to be really pigmented. Am looking forward to trying this out fully.

Molly Mabel PopBand

I've been intrigued by these kind of hair bands for a while, so it was a good thing to get. Not crazy on the colour and don't think I'll ever use it as a day to day hair tie because I have really thick hair and it's heavy, and this just doesn't keep it as tight as I would like. But I'll still use it if I'm at home and need to throw my hair back.

Nail Set

This is a nice little bonus. All my nail clippers are just boring silver ones, so it's nice to have something a bit jazzy! We also got a lovely heart shape lolly pop but you all know that went as soon as I opened the bag!!!

Final Thoughts:
For a first bag, I think they have played it safe with some really good products that people could actually use. I like the bag idea better than the box (althought I use the boxes to store make-up!) and I think there was a good mix of products in here, although a few more face care ones would be nice. I think that it also might be better for the next one to have a better selection of high street brands, as a lot of the ones in here are the cheaper sort of high street brands - maybe some Rimmel, Mua, Seveteen or for skin care Simple, Garnier or even a sample of Lush. I can't actually wait for the second bag and if it's purple it would be an even bigger bonus!!!

What are you thoughts on the first Miss GlossyBox? Let me know in comments.

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  1. I thought the items were mostly great for a first box. I agree with you on the eye rock , but its kinda cute. However everything else including the lollipop was a treat :)
    I cant wait for the next miss glossybox !

    1. I can't wait either, and judging by the image on the Glossy Box site, the next bag is purple!!!!