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My Sally Hansen Collection: Part 1

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Today is another new nail polish collection post. Next to OPI, Sally Hansen is by far another one of my favourite brands, just because of the pure quality of the polishes. A fair few are 1 coaters, which is incredible and they just apply so easy, no fuss or anything. I've split my collection into two and first I'll be showing you the Sally Hansen Salon Manicure polishes I have.

Just like with my OPI polishes, I have never paid full price for a Sally Hansen polish. The majority of these are from Fragrance Direct, but I've also picked up some in £1 shops too.

I never expected to own a lot of Green nail varnishes, but it actually makes up a big section of my collection. I would say it's blue, followed by green, then my signature colour, purple. These polishes are as follows, Grass Slipper, Green Tea and Fairy Teal. Grass Slipper definitely is it's name, I just really liked the colour, although I haven't actually used it on my nails yet. Green Tea is such a beautiful shade and I love the name, it's probably in my all time favourite list. I used in my recent nail art. Fairy Teal is a beautiful deep teal colour, but again, it's not one I have really used, but I still love it.

The picture is pretty rubbish sorry, but these are very very dark in tone. I love me some purple and blue, so these are brilliant - Love Me Not, Purple Pulse and Navy Baby. Love Me Not is such a 1 coat polish, but it also has this underlying gold shimmer, which I really love. Purple Pulse builds up nicely, but it is quite a light polish, but it looks beautiful after 3 coats. Navy Baby looks purple but is actually a very very inky blue colour - it just reminds me of ink every time. A really unusual but gorgeous shade.

These are actually two different polishes, but trust me, when I got them in the post, I thought they were the same one. I believe because it's so hard to tell that the lighter blue is Himalayan Blue and the more turquoise shade is The Sky's The Limit. These are just that brilliant blue shade that will suit everyone but I think if I had to choose, I love The Sky's The Limit best!

I love the first colour, Lavendar Cloud. It does have a faint purple undertone, but because of the quality of this, I do sometimes use it instead of a white, because the application is far less streaky. I also love pale yellows, even though this is very very light in quality. It has the perfect name - Buttercup.

Finally, two of my favourites. The first, Black Platinum, is a lovely grey black shade, that has a lovely blue undertone. I love me some gold glitters and nothing will ever top my favourite (Model's Own Gold Finger!), but I do love Gilded Lily. It is different to a regular gold glitter, it's not chunky and it does give that gilded look. I'd love to see how it looks sponged over a colour.

Stay tuned for part two featuring Insta-Dri, Xtreme Wear and HD!

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