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10 of the Best Nail Varnish!

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I have so so many nail varnishes, so it was very very hard to take it down to 10, but I thought I would show you 10 of the nail varnishes that I reach for the most.

I've probably chatted a butt load about all of these OPI varnishes on my blog, but I can't help it, I love them! Call Me Gwen-Ever is such a lovely coral colour, it's my red, as I hate red varnishes. And of course, you know my all time favourite varnish is Gone Gonzo, I just wished this wasn't a limited edition one (if you can get it anywhere other than ebay, please let me know - I'll buy em all). and of course, my favourite lime green, Did It On Em. I'd say I wear these three shades the most!

I really love Nicole by OPI varnishes too, because I think they have some really fun pretty shades, but my all time favourite is Kendall On The Katwalk. There is blue in this, green in this, purple in this - maybe even turquoise! It goes opaque too!

My all time favourite gold glitter, is Models Own Gold Finger! It is such a good gold, because it doesn't look cheap, it looks almost a 24 carat gold lol! This goes opaque to and I think in only 2 coats!

I love a good Black nail varnish and the best one I've found is A England in Camelot. You can easily getaway with 1 coat of this and it's a true inky black!

I have a fair few blues and I think I've raved about Sally Hansen's Brisk Blue so many times. I love the brush, I love the colour and it's a 1 coater for sure

Another blue lol but more of a turquoise, this is Barry M's Pure Turquoise. I've had this for years and I just love it because it's not quite pale blue and it's not quite mint green and the quality is so good.

This polish was in a set I got for Christmas by Umberto Giannini. The set had some really unusual shades but this one if my fav and I love the name - Lady Gilt. I would say its a brown black base, with gold running through, and it's just something a bit different.

Finally, you all need a good top coat glitter that can just transform any colour into wow and that's Mavala Orion. This is such a great top coat as it has little duochrome flecks throughout it and give your nails a galaxy look.

I always love buying nail varnishes, so what are your favourite - let me know in comments!

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