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August Favourite

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August has been a fab month! I've really enjoyed posting every day, even though sometimes it's been hard to actually come up with ideas for posts, I think I've actually done alright! I have 2 more posts left after today and hopefully, if it arrives in time, one of them will be my Asos order, with my gorge new liquid sands polishes!!

First off this month, I haven't wanted to wear really heavy make-up, cause I haven't been going anywhere that really required me to, apart from the odd night out. So instead, I've been opting for my Boots Botanics BB Cream Radiant Youth in Light. I never really got into the BB cream hype and I feel very quickly out of love with the Garnier one! But this one, I just love, it's like a second skin. I definitely feel it does everything that it says it does and as a bonus, it has spf 30! It's definitely one that I will willingly repurchase!

My Lush Mask Of Magnaminty has been getting some big love this month. I don't actually use this as a face mask, I use it on the very top of my back, cause I do have issue with spots there. I love using the Palma Cocoa Butter on my back for the scaring, but it didn't stop new spots from appearing. But the combination of the two seems to be working great at keeping away the spots and allowing the scare to heal, which is perfect! I love the smell of this too! Again, I'll be repurchasing this very soon.

I invested in the Tresemme Dry Shampoo when my Batiste one ran out and I have to say, I may be converted! This was on offer at the time, so I picked it up and I'm so glad I did. I don't think it's half as white as the Batiste one and it really does the job well. I don't tend to use dry shampoo through my hair much, it's more to give my fringe a boost, as other wise I would have to wash it everyday, so this does the trick nicely and saves me a bit of time in the morning!

I got this MUA Power Pout in Rendezvous earlier in the month and I sort of just let it sit there. But when I switched out my products in my bowl, I put this one in and I'm so glad I did. I really like the colour of it, it's a really nice berry pink tone, but it's not too bold on the lips and its really shiny! I think the packaging is so misleading on the colour though. I would love to get a couple more of these, their just an easy every day quick alternative to lipstick or gloss.

I am so glad I picked up some water decals from Born Pretty. If you caught my nail of the day earlier this month, I used some of these in a purple and turquoise combo. These are so easy to use, once you realise they are not double sided, which was my error. You put them in what and slowly slip it off the backing paper, before using tweezers to place them on the nail. Unlike nail wraps, you get a lot of wiggle room for you placement and lets face it, they are a lot cheaper than nail wraps. I paid just over $4 for these and I have at least 22 looks I can do with these. I would love to get some other designs.

Did you know it was my birthday this month? I only mentioned it a handful of time ( :) )! I got some money off my Aunty, so I decided to invest it in some more Real Techniques brushes, they really are as good as everyone says. I was going to get a few of the singles, but Boots had a great offer on, buy 1 get 1 half price, so I got the face and eye core collections for I think about £32. That's 9 brushes, so it's about £3.50 a brush, a steal! I haven't used all of them yet, but I have been loving the buffing brush, the detailer brush and the deluxe crease brush. I have been using the buffing brush with my powder, as as much as I love the powder brush, I think this applies powder better, I think the powder brush would work well with loose powder or as a huge bronzer brush! I love the detailer brush for concealer, as I am beyond useless at concealing, but this has really helped! I think the deluxe crease brush is worth it alone, it really packs the product on, but it great at feathering it out, so that it looks graduated and blended.

As for non beauty favourites of the month, August has been the month of the boxset! I truly have been binging on them! I rewatched Doctor Who seasons 1-4 (BTW David Tennant was the best Doctor!), Misfits 1-4 (it's actually a really good show!) and I'm currently into my Ugly Betty boxset. I have also been loving New Girl like crazy, it's just an amazing show and it's doing nicely until I get new Big Bang Theory!

I haven't watched many films this month! I'm off this weekend to watch the new Studio Ghibli movie "From Up On Poppy Hill", but the two films I loved watching this month were Life of Pi (I'm a bit behind!) and Ramona and Beezus. I have been reading quite a bit this month and I'm currently loving the book Alice Bliss. I was going to get this on my eReader, but for some reason, I had the idea it was set during the World War, when it's actually set during the Iraq war, so it's more modern. It's a beautiful story.

Music has been two albums - Stars Dance by Selena Gomez and Demi by Demi Lovato, I've had these on repeat since I got them. I really love the song Birthday on Selena's album but there are a lot of great tracks. I've mentioned the tracks on Demi's before, because I listen to it on Spotify before I got it. And just over the past few days, I got a couple of songs of the City of Bones soundtrack (I was going to go and watch it, but the reviews arn't great and I can't justify the £8+!). As well as the Demi track, I got the Colbie Caillat track "When the Darkness Comes" and it's beautiful!

What are your August favourites? Let me know in comments.

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