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Birthday Haul

By 11:29 AM

As you couldn't help but know, yesterday was my birthday, so I thought I'd show you what I got. I'm not doing this by any means to show off. If you anything like me, you just like having a good nosey at what gifts people got. I had quite a relaxed day yesterday, as I sort of celebrated with a night out with my friend on Friday.

First off from my friend Sharon, I got a lovely candle which is downstairs cause I've been burning it. I also got a lovely notepad, cause she knows I love a good notepad! She also got me this super cute mini opi set, which she known I love. I have been looking for a good yellow for ages, so this set is perfect and you can never have too many opi's!

I got some super cute Nail Rocks! I have been wanting the green set for ages, so was surprised to get three! I haven't tried Nail Rocks before, but luckily from they instructions, they are file off ones, which are perfect. I might try these after my Sally Hansen ones start looking a bit disheveled!

I so so love the Gorjuss line, and so my friend Helen surprised me with this super cute purse! And it's purple too! I love all of the Gorjuss stuff, I think the drawing and style are just so lovely. I also got a Spider-man keyring off my sister. She was trying to find a Thor one, cause she knows I love me some Thor lol but Spider-man is my second favourite.

Please excuse the quality of this pic lol! I got a lovely Lush set and in this you get the Vanilla Dee-Lite Body Moisturiser. The Comforter Bubble Bar (I got this for my friend Helen and it turned her bath hot pink - she literally took a picture on her phone!), Rub Rub Rub Show Scrub, Gorgeous Trial Size Facial Moisturiser and Think Pink Bath Ballistic, so I'm gonna be Lushed up for months!

As for entertainment, I got the final season of Gossip Girl, so now I have the collection. I got the complete collection of Ugly Betty, which is such a good show, why did they ever cancel it! I got the new Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato albums, and the Nashville soundtrack cause I love me some Nashville lol

I also got some money from my Aunty, so I am off to town tomorrow to have some fun. I think I have some earmarked for some new eye brushes, as one of mine literally fell apart on me the other day.

I had a super awesome birthday, but not I'm going backwards like Benjamin Button, I ain't getting any older lol

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