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Breakout Breakdown

By 10:58 AM ,

This month I have had a really annoying breakout on my chin, upper lip and nose. I do get the odd spot, but never a full blown breakout. So I thought I'd do a breakdown and figure out why, so let's go!

As said about on my chin, upper lip and nose. My chin is really my area that I do get spots on.

I have done a bit of research online and according to this article on Cosmopolitan, chin spots are related to that lovely little special time of the month, which I thought was the reason behind my chin flare up. That is usually the main reason I do get spots on my chin.

I think another reason for my breakout is my current lacking in my skin care routine. I am not currently at work, so I have been a bit lack a dazy when it comes to doing my skin routine, like forgetting to moisturise, washing my face really quickly. Let's just say I go into full on hermit mode if I don't have to go out!

New products can often be a reason for a breakout and the only new product that I have tried recently, that would effect that area is Botanics BB Cream. But products never sort of break me out, so I don't really think this is the reason.

I have eaten an excessive amount of Chocolate this month. I do have a bit of chocolate everyday, like if a biscuit is coated in chocolate, but never full on chocolate chocolates, if that makes sense! But I know it's a myth that chocolate gives you spots, but maybe a lack in a good diet, could be the reason.

Bad Habits:
I'm sorry to say this and please tell me off for being disgusting, but I do tend to pick at spots. I hate having spots and so when I see one, I try to get rid of it and that's why they scab and can become hard to conceal and take longer to heal. It also doesn't help with scarring either.

Plan Of Action:
My main plan of action is to get back into my regular skin care routine, making sure to moisturise and really take time to wash my face properly.

I'm going to resist the urge and try not to pick at them, so that they can heal quicker. And as I am at home a bit more than normal, I'm gonna leave off the make-up and bb creams, just to give my skin a breather.

What are some of your top tip for spots? Let me know in comments.

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