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Current Wishlist

By 6:41 PM

Sorry for this very maybe rubbish post today, I have been super busy. Here is what is on my current wishlist:

Dove Hair Nourishing Oil Care Leave In Spray
The past few times I have washed my hair, after I have either left it to dry, or dried it myself, it just doesn't feel nice. I have been using a new Tresemme conditioner and honestly, after reading so many reviews, I can't see why it would be that. My hair just feels really dry, so I'm thinking a leave in conditioner might be good and this one has some good reviews.

MUA 2013 Blusher Shades
I think the new shades for 2013 are so beautiful and they look really wearable. I really like Cupcake and Lolly and for £1, you just really can't go wrong!

OPI San Francisco Collection
I haven't gone really that crazy on any of the new OPI collections, but there are a couple of shades from the San Francisco collection that I love, including the liquid sands Alcatraz Rocks and Peace & Love & OPI.

Lee Stafford Blow Your Mind 2200W Hair Dryer
So the other day, went to dry my hair, plugged in my hair dryer and nothing! It just didn't switch on. I got my Dad to take a look at it, but I think it might have died, I have had it for a good 10 years plus! I'm not sure what to look for in a hairdryer, but if in doubt, my mantra is go Purple! So this Lee Stafford one is great!

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