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Kiss Nail Wraps Review

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With the July/August Miss GlossyBox, we got a packet of Kiss Nail Wraps in the design 18 Jeweled Strips. These retail for £5.99 and at the time, I wasn't exactly too nice about the design of them. However, I gave them a go. I will say before hand that I am a huge fan of Sally Hansen Salon Effects, so when you find a product and stick with it, it's hard to use any others. I have used a couple of different types before, but like I said, I love the Salon Effects.

One thing I will say, the applicaton on these I could not fault! There are 18 strips in the packet, nine for each hand (or toes). They have a rounded end and a shoval end, which is good, as sometimes I am both. The design also means depending on which end you need, the design still looks fine!

The only trouble I had was with my little nail but I always have that, I have tiny nails! The wraps cover really well, without having to cut bits off the side edges and you don't have to trim the edges off, they file off, which is always a bonus. They stick really well, but with the file, I will say, be gentle as it's harsh, so it might file your nail off too. They have a really bad plastic smell at first but that goes. But again, overall, application was flawless!

The packet claims up to 10 days. I wouldn't agree with that at all! Salon Effect claim that too, but even they don't but I got at least 5 days. I lost two of these yesterday, even after sticking them back down with a little clear nail varnish (top tip!). My nails arn't even long at the moment and I wasn't doing anything strenuous like DIY lol! I do wonder whether they would last longer with nail varnish underneath. But 10 days, non.

Even after applying this, I still didn't really take to it afterwards, I just found it such a tacky design. But I will say they have some really nice designs too, so I'm not gonna fault them much on design.

Overall, I was very impressed with the application of these, but lasting wise, I wasn't, especially being priced £5.99. Would I get them again, maybe if they were on offer only, but not at £5.99 for about just over 1 days wear.

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