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Lee Stafford Blow Your Mind Hairdryer Review + Thank You!

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So, you might have heard, the other week, my hair dryer just died. Went to plug it in, didn't work, got my Dad to change the fuse, nothing! It sadly, after many many years of service (lets just say they don't make it anymore!) has gone to that magical place in the sky! Luckily, I managed to find another one in our house, but I did not get on with that either. It made my hair feel funny and it smelt whenever you used it. So I popped on down to Argos and picked myself up a brand spanking new one!

I don't go for celebrity hairdresser. In fact, my whole reason for buying this was because it was purple. My rule of thumb in life is always go with purple. However, they must have changed the design since the pictures were put on the Argos website, because it's actually a very red hot pink! Nevertheless, I do not judge by colour, so on we go.

The Basics:
The Lee Stafford Blow Your Mind Hair Dryer is 2200w. What that exactly mean, I couldn't tell you, was never very good at Physics, in layman terms, it's powerful! It has 2 speeds and 3 temperature settings (will tell you more on this later), Ionic conditioning (You can read more about that here but I think it means it less frizz, more shine!) and Ceramic Coating to protect hair from the heat and add shine. It also has a detatchable nozzle and a 2 meter cord. You can read the full spec on the Argos website here. It is currently priced at £23.99.

My Use:
I washed and towel dried my hair as I normally do, but I did set and let it dry at all, so it was quite damp when I went to dry it. I was really impressed with just how light this hair dryer actually is, cause you don't want to be holding up some brick when your drying your hair. I would say it's as light as an iPhone.

I really liked the fact that you could tailor the drying process to your needs with the 3 heat settings and the 2 speeds settings. I did noticed a big difference between the speed settings, I really think you could only use 1 when it's really dry. The heat settings I found harder to tell the difference between but you do get a good heat, without it being burning hot against the skin. I like that, and this is what it suggests, you can start off on a high speed and heat before reducing it, the more dry your hair gets. I think it did dry a bit quicker than my other one, but I have very thick hair, so it often takes a good time to dry anyway.

I will say as well that I felt my hair was a lot smoother and more shiny afterwards. I didn't changed or do anything different to when I normally wash my hair, so I have to put my hands up that it could be the hairdryer that did this!

The only down side is that the cord seems very short, but unless your gonna be sat at opposite ends of the room, I doubt this will be a big issue! Also and this annoys me on most hair dryers, the cool shoot button is right where I would hold a hairdryer and so I would sometimes knock that. They put it there on a lot of hair dryers - why!!! I would have liked one where the cord actually went up into the hair dryer (I've just seen one like that now damn!) as it's just easier for storage, but I think I'll keep it in the box anyway.

I am really impressed with this hair dryer. I think you get incredible value for the money and also, the design is just a bit more interesting than the average dull hair dryer. It is very easy to work with, does the job and leaves your hair looking lovely!

And Finally...

"I would just like to say a big thank you to anyone who has read or commented on my post throughout August! It just seems like yesterday that I set my self the goal of posting every day of August and to be honest, I didn't think I would! I hope you have enjoyed my posts (even the boring ones) and if your anything like me, your often a secret reader but don't comment lol! I can't deny that sometimes it was hard work, like endless swatching of my MUA eyeshadow trios, but has been such such fun. Don't go expecting many post in September, as it's a busy month but I hope to keep posting more regular, as it's been great! I do know that I have another Miss GlossyBox coming soon, so look out for that. Thank you once again! Katy xoxo PS, the colour of the lipstick in the pic is MUA Power Pout in Rendezvous"

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