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Maybelline Baby Lips: First Thoughts

By 11:31 AM ,

I got the Baby Lips!!! I literally went on a mission to town yesterday to find them and they weren't even in the Maybelline stand in Superdrugs, there was only a couple by the till. I think the person on the till thought I was going to buy them all.

I got two, but for only £2.99 each, you could really buy them all. You can also get Intense Care, Mint Fresh, Cherry Me and Pink Punch. The shades (if you can call them that) that I got was the Hydrate and Peach Kiss. The packaging is so cute!!!

Peach Kiss is a nude brown colour but it doesn't really have much colour transfer, it's very very sheer. It's more like a tan for your lips! I also got Hyrdrate which is more of a treatment one, and is just clear. Both have a very very slight smell but I wouldn't say it tastes of anything. They are basic wind up tubes. They are all SPF 20.

They all claim a lot on the back about making lips look baby soft, feeling more protected, less dry and basically healthier looking lips, which is something I am looking for, because I often think my lips have a light bruised look.

They actually apply really nicely, they don't feel as thick or really really creamy as some lipbalm do. I can't give results yet, but I'm going to try and use at least the Hydrate everday for the next few weeks and just see if I see any improve.

What do you think of the Baby Lips hype? Let me know in comments.

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