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MUA Sales Haul Part 1

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MUA recently had a fantastic sale online, so good that I picked myself up a fair few items. Everything from this part and part 2 together, only cost £19.50 overall and for that I got some amazingly quality products. So lets get into it!! This first half includes a bronzer, some lashes and a butt load of eyeshadows (cause you can never really have enough!).

First off, I decided to pick up a set of lashes. I've been watching a fair few make-up tutorials on you tube and they always use lashes, so I really wanted to try some but not have to pay too much because I'm new to it. These ones are called Flair and were only £1.00. I liked them because they are a little on the dainty side, so not too full looking.

Next up, I got myself a bronzer in the rather lovely name Shade 1 lol. It's a lovely light tan shade with some beautiful sparkles in. I did swatch it but the picture came out awful, so I won't be putting that up! It was only 50p.

First up of the 5 little trios that I got was Pink Sorbet. As much as I'm not a pink person, I think pink goes well with my dark brown hair lol You get a lovely red brown plum shade, a coral pink and a baby pink, all really beautiful shades. All eyeshadows are swatched straight to skin, no primer or foundation.

Next up is Chocolate Box, which I think is an odd name for this, I don't think it's really chocolate colours. First you get a dark brown with a pink shimmer, a true brown shimmer and a coral rose gold shimmer, which I love! Great pay off on these!

Then we have one of the merged trios in Emotions. I really like these colours, because you never know what to expect. First you get a burnt orange shade, then a brown red shade and a white gold shade, which is more gold then white. Fab payoff!

Another merged trio, this time in Legendary. First you get a really golden peach pink shade, then a brown with flecks of glitter in and a white gold shade, which I thought was going to be really white. All beautiful shades!

And finally, Innocence. This ones starts with a really unusual shade. It's a deep brown, but has shimmers of plum, green and blue in, almost duo-chrome, it's very unusual! Then we have a fab khaki gold shade and a gold white. No problems on payoff again!

I really can't wait to create some looks with all these eyeshadow trios (priced between £1.25-£1.50 in sales). Have you got yourself anything nice in the MUA sale? Let me know in comments and stayed tuned for part 2 soon!

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  1. beautifully reviewed dear , followin you :)
    what'syour camera? pics result's amazing.

    1. It's just a Nikon camera, to be honest it's not the worlds best camera, but I edit them in photoshop!

  2. i mean fav ur pag bcoz i din't find any gadget for followin you properly

  3. dear they're superb and your blog is a feast fo me ,with this much infomtv stuff .
    kep it up