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My 5ish Favourite Lipsticks

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OK, so it's actually 7, but it's hard to just pick 5, go on - try it yourself!

First off is Seventeen Mirror Shine Lipstick in Beehive. I think a lot of people have a real love of this lipstick because it's such a skin tone neutral shade, it just suits everyone. I gives a really lovely sheen to, it isn't dry or matte. It's just a perfect everyday colour. It does look sheer, but it builds up nicely, I just wish they still had this lovely electric blue packaging! Love the name too, very 60's.

Next up is a Rimmel goodie from the Moisture Renew Line in Notting Hill Nude. This is again a nude, as so the name goes, but I think it is a slightly darker nude. These have really good pigmentation and as they are Moisture Renew, they don't dry either! The smell though, it does smell like old make-up!

In my 3 Lipsticks I Regret Buying I mentioned a Barry M lipstick I got buy mistake! This is the one I actually wanted which is 154! I do love nude lipsticks and this is more of a night time nude, because it's a lighter colour. It's more of a peachy tone. A lovely shade but it doesn't last very long.

(From left to right: Barry M / Rimmel / Seventeen)

Seventeen have some really good lipsticks, and another of my what I call everyday wear lipsticks, is their Seventeen Shine On in Flirty. I don't know if this is from the same range as the mirror shine, as there is a mirror shine called Flirty, I've had it a while! I love the thing packaging to this, it doesn't take up too much room! It's a lovely everyday nude pink.

You can't always trust images online and when I got this at home, I thought I would hate it, but I really love it! It is a Maybelline Color Sensation in Pink Plaza. It's a plum shade and what I like to do with this is layer it with my Natural Collection Lipgloss in Raspberry Ripple. It mutes down the darker tones in this lipstick.

This Fashionista lipstick in Atomic Tangerine was a lipstick that when I unpackaged I was like, this will not be for me. But it's not half as bright when you put it on. It's a really gorgeous peach shade, but as it's buildable, and as I have rosey coloured lips naturally, it doesn't come off as shocking bright. I just love the red packaging too!

(From top to bottom: Fashionista / Maybelline / Seventeen)

Finally, it wouldn't be a favourite lipstick post without a Revlon Lip Butter in Creme Brulee. I have a nice collection of Lip Butters now and I really like them all, but this was my first ever one. It's a really lovely creamy toffee shade and I like that these are more sheer than your average lipstick.

What is your favourite lipstick(s) alltime? Let me know in comments.

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