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My Favourite Shelf

By 2:48 PM

I have many a shelf in my bedroom, as I have that much crap (well books!). Two of my shelves are filled with books and the other music and that sort of stuff one it, so there is very little room for beauty. So naturally, I put in more shelves aka bookshelf, which has also been filled with more books, but I have a dedicated beauty:

Well, I say beauty, but as you can see, it ain't all beauty! I do have most of my day to day products on here, so lets dive in:

First off on this side of the shelf, I have my magazines. I will admit, I buy a fair few magazine each month, but I always get Empire and Teen Vogue. I may be close to 26 but I find Teen Vogue so much easier to read than Vogue. I also have some Glamour and Company. I don't get them every month, it depends whose on the cover. I also have a tiny jam jar, because I thought it was cute!

In my turquoise basket, I house mostly face stuff, like my favourite Lush products, but you maybe can also spot some Dry Shampoo and my Sun Screen. I also have my overflow from my nail varnish, as it no longer fits in my original nail varnish storage system lol. I also keep my Fashionista palette here as well my watch box.

The middle box is actually a cardboard draw from my Miss GlossyBox packaging lol! I was thinking of decorating it with some fabric but never seem to have. As you can see, it the front is some more nail varnish as this is the overflow of my overflow! I should really stop buying nail varnish! I also have a hand sanitiser cause you just never know when you'll need one. In this I have a lot of hair stuff, like hairspray and heat defense spray, but at the front I keep my most grabbed for products like make-up remover, deodorant, moisturiser ect I also have a bb cream and that purple thing is the handle off a mirror.

Now, to be fair, these books are actually half mine half not. The first three are library book and the second three are ones I have bought and are propping up the library books (that's what I tell myself!). I will literally read anything, but as you can see, do love me some chick lit! I also have the latest Glamour which I haven't read yet and my blue ipod nano (I have a red one too!).

I hope you enjoyed this slight diversion from beauty and fashion, and stay tuned for tomorrow, as it's my BIRTHDAY!!!

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