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My Lovely Single Shadows

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I don't own many single shadows, what with the brilliance of Eyeshadow Palette's nowaday (that makes me sound old!), but I do have some that are my all time favourites. I will say, but naughty, some of these are on the old side. But as they say, they don't make them like they use to and indeed, I don't think they still make them (though I could be wrong!).

On the top row we have two lovely but sadly unnamed MUA shades. I got these in a trio on sale in Superdrug for 50p I think and as I am a Magpie to all things purple, I picked them up. The other shade is a dark purple, nothing too fancy, but these are the winners. As with all MUA shadows they are super pigmented. The first shade is a lilac purple, but the second shade is a true purple with some amazing duochrome going on. It's such a deep colour and looks almost blue from some angles. And I tell a lie, you can still get these lol.

On the second row we had a Collection 2000 and a ME ME ME eyeshadow. You can tell the Collection one is old as it still has the 2000, but this was my daily brown for years and I bought it multiple time. I haven't got it to hand, but I believe it is called smoky brown, but it's more of a golden brown, rather than a chocolate brown. I don't think they sell this still. The second is the most brilliant highly pigmented silver you will ever find from ME ME ME. I don't know why I went on a silver phase, but I did. This is almost the colour of tinfoil and while it doesn't get it's use as much now, I could see this working in a smokey eye as a highlight in the corners, or on the lower lash line. Again, this is the old packaging so whether they sell this or now anymore, I'm not sure.

What are your favourite single eyeshadows? Let me know in comments.

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