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My Sally Hansen Collection: Part 2

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Here is part 2 of my Sally Hansen Nail Varnish Collection!! In this part I will be showing you my Insta-Dri (love this formula!), my Xtreme Wear and the one HD polish I own lol! As you can see, it's a mix of Green's and Blue's, me two fav colours of varnish apparently! So let's get stuck in!

Let's start with the Insta-Dri. I really love this formula and a lot of the ones I own I think might be one coat, especially the third of these. From left to right they are Chartreuse Chase, Jade Jump and Brisk Blue. Chartreuse Chase is an unusual one for me, I don't think it's a colour I would normally go for. It's a lime green yellow with sort of a green under shimmer. I haven't used this on my nails yet, but I think it's a complex colour. Jade Jump is a darker version of Green Tea, and has a lovely creamy finish. Finally, my baby, Brisk Blue! I just love this colour. You can get away with one coat, which is perfect for nail art, because it's not too many layers. I love doing this as a base, with silver nail art! Added point, I do love the brushes with these polishes, there not too wide, which is good, as I have thin nails!

Next up is the more shimmer end of my insta-dri polished (sorry the lighting is terrible in this, blame the British ever changing weather!). From left to right, Teal-y Fast, Emerald Express and Uptempo Plum. I love dark Teal shades like this and I will admit, I have a few others in my collection, but is the darkest tone one I have. Emerald Express is perfectly named and I don't think I have anything like it in my collection. I love how it's a metallic green, almost like a car green! Uptempo Plum is such a deep colour. I think I described this before as like a plum purple shade with Max factor Fantasy Fire already mixed in. It is a favourite of mine!

Now the Xtreme Wear. First off we have Going Green. This is such a true green, if I were going there, a Kermit the Frog Green. There is a slight shimmer finish too it and I got a lot of compliments on this colour! Next is a colour it took me forever to name, because it wasn't on the bottle! I think it is Ivy League. It is very similar to Chartreuse Chase, but not as nice. Finally is Navy Blue. Again an inky blue and it does build up nicely, although it looks thin.

Two of my favourite Xtreme Wear now. First off is Teal-y Cool, a green glitter mix. It is very light but looks nice layered over polishes, especially darker colours. We also have Deep Blue Sea (love the name), which builds up to a lovely frosty denim blue.

Finally we have a HD Hi-Definition Polish in Spectrum (love the name!). This is a saviour polish! I wouldn't wear this on it's own, but layer it over other colours and it just brings them to life"

Which Sally Hansen polishes should I add to my collection? Let me know in comments!

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