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My Wantworthy List

By 11:28 AM

Prior warning! My list is full of bags and boots!

I really love the site Wantworthy for cataloging things that I like. I am of the bookmarks generation, but you don't have a cat in hells chance of seeing my bookmarks folder, as I doubt I even know whats in it (I must sort it out!). I often bookmarked clothes that I liked, but let's be honest, you can't see what they are. With Wantworthy they give you a picture, so that's what I like.

So what's on my list. Well there is a butt load of boots if I'm being honest - I am kind of obsessed. I'm looking for a more what I'd call normal pair for work at the moment, as most of mine have some form of embellishment (one has a spiked heel!), which really, you can't wear for where I work. I love these Black Chunky Sole Chelsea Boots from New Look, but if I want something with a bit more, well something, I like these Black Metal Plate Buckle Boots, with a bit of gold detailing. Some of the boots on there you can't get anymore, but the good thing is, as there is a picture, I can look on good old eBay! I have a fair few bags too, but my favourite is this Black Pyramid Stud Trim Hobo Bag. I honestly do shop at other places than New Look, I promise!

I don't have a lot of colour with the clothes on there for some reason, I honestly don't wear dull colours all the time, just look in my wardrobe! I have this Primark Floral Skater Dress which I can see why everyone seems to love, it's so beautiful!

What are you current wishlist items? Let me know in comments!

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