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Nail Of The Day (With MUA)

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My Sally Hansen nail wraps were lasting really well, until (user error!) I took a massive chunk off my thumb nail, but I had a good 4 days wear and I could have patched it up with some of the left over ones, but you know me, I love switching up my nails.

Today's nails of the day starts with MUA's Pistachio Ice Cream and Fashionista Layla as the glitter. I do love the accent finger, but I normally do the pointer, not the ring, but I was so busy watching Misfits, that I painted the pointer lol So I have glitter on my ring finger today. This is actually two coats, which is really good.

These little feathers are water decals from Born Pretty. You get a butt load for the price and they are actually really easy to put on because as they are water, they can slide about a bit before you have to place them. Just don't make my first mistake and think the pattern is double sided - it aint!

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