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Nail Rock Review: Fade To Grey

By 1:30 PM

In my Birthday Haul, I got some Nail Rocks, so I thought I'd give you a review of them. I tried the Fade To Grey packet first, as I like this design the least, I prefer the other two for sure. This month alone, I have had Kiss Nail Wraps and Sally Hansen Salon Effects on my nails, so I think I know a bit about nail wraps by now lol! You might wonder why I changed my nails after 1 day, but I lost a huge chuck off my thumb nail! Nails Rock retail at £6.65 (via NailRock.Com) but the price does vary.

The application of these is pretty much similar to any nail wrap, prep and file off. I will say with the instructions, the ones on the back of the packet differ from the ones in the packet, which is a little confusing. You also get a nail prep wipe that it doesn't tell you when to use on the instructions. I think they should work on one set of instructions for all. You get 16 wraps in all, so there is wiggle room. The sizes do vary but down the thinner end of the scale, not by much. I think I have small nails and so I often find it hard to get a good size. I will say, on the cuticle shape, these are actually really good, they fit very well.

The application was pretty straight forward, position, smooth and file off the excess. The wraps are metallic which mean they are slightly on the thicker side and more of a sticker. This is where the problem comes. The thing I maintain that is good about the Sally Hansen ones, is that they are very thin and pliable, whereas these were not. When you got to file off the excess, you have to fold it down and by doing so, because they aren't pliable, they bubble at the nail edge. Also, the file isn't that great, as I found once you filed it off the edges were very raw and not smooth at all. That means they catch on things easily!

Again, it seems to be the whole 10 days claim! I'd like to see this in theory, because whoever get these things to last for ten days, must do bugger all. I'm not exactly doing DIY, but I doubt they will last that long, as I already have tip wear and some are starting to bubble slightly! They are starting to peal at the tips, but a bit of clear varnish might solve this.

I didn't choose this design, but it's OK. It matches the packet which I love, but I do think Nail Rock have some really incredible designs. I love Jade Quail (although it's darker in the packet than on the picture), but I also love a lot of the others including the Blue and Gold Stars design. They design quality of these is just as good as the Sally Hansen ones.

Overall, I feel that these wraps are OK. I will say though that I think some of the other ones I got will work better, because they are not metallic, I think the metallic ones always have this issue, but I'll reserve proper judgement till I've used them. I wouldn't pay full price for them (I don't think my sister did), purely because you can buy a bottle of nail varnish for less. But at the moment I am 50/50 till I've tried other designs.

Have you tried Nail Rocks? Let me know in comments.

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