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Phone Cases Wishlist

By 11:37 AM

Yesterday, my phone contract was up for renewal, and so I popped on down to town and got myself a new phone - the iPhone. Having never had an iPhone before, I am actually really excited. But there is an issue - the plethora of cases that are available is a bloody nightmare. And not being the most decisive, it's hard to choose.

I've been looking on Etsy, as they have some beautiful cases, but I really can't decide. One of my favourites, is this one by BasementTwentyTwo. They have some really nice individual cases and I love the wood effect. This is another one which is really pretty, especially the mix of patterns and colours.

I really love the chevron style pattern and I think I am being slightly persuaded by nail varnish at the moment, as I love this cover by SunnyTalk. I love a bit of Multi-Coloured Chevron action too!

also love some of the more commercial ones too. I think this Doctor Who Tardis one by Cast Style is so cool, but if I ever happen to in my wildest dreams end up sitting next to current at the moment Doctor Who Matt Smith or former Doctor Who David Tennant on public transport, this might look awkward, that I am chatting on a Tardis! I also think this Beauty and The Beast case by CaseThink1989 is so incredibly pretty and I love the movie. My original thought though was this Tangled case by Giftcase is Tangled is my alltime favourite Disney movie and I find this scene in particular, so incredibly beautiful!. This version of the scene by uponstyle is also beautiful.

What are your favourite places to shop iPhone covers? Let me know in comments.

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