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Product Updates: Baby Lips and Nail Rock

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For today's post, I thought I'd give you two updates on some products I've mentioned this month. First off, is the Nail Rock.

I have been wearing these since Sunday and at the time of blogging, I mentioned that I didn't think they would last very long. Well, I've had them on for about 4 days now and they are actually holding up pretty well. I have some general tip wear but nothing to write home about. The tip wear is actually good, as it seems to have smoothed out the raw edges left from filing them. A couple look like they might begin the peal away from the nail edge soon, but nothing major. I have only lost a bit off one of my pointer nails, but that is because I found this finger hardest to fit on both hands. I have also lost some off my thumb, but my nail was peeling and broke, so that's the only reason there. I'm actually quite impressed, because I have baked a cake with these on, so they have held up. I'm just getting a bit bored of the pattern, that's always my problem. I love it at first and then I want to take it off after a couple of days!

I have been slicking on the baby lips a couple of times a day now, just whenever I go past the bowl they sit in. I've only been using the clear one, because I think the tinted one is a bit more special, so I'm saving that for when I go back to work, as an every day lip colour. I definitely think I have seen an improvement in my lip, they use to peal very easily and I haven't noticed any and they don't feel as dry as they use to. I have had a crack in the corner of my lip though, I don't think that's connected, but it actually help to soothe that!

What are your thoughts on either of these products? Let me know in comments.

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